1. Viper

    Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Mobile

    Just bragging around: Figured I should explain: It's the first review received for a game I worked on. And it's a good one :)
  2. V

    ESF 1.2.3 EVM Special Bug Help

    Total Hi I have a problem grams per Appendix EVM may surprise you that I like but more than ECX 3 I do not operate special I do not know what miracle was always good and now it's not receiving HP Genocide (Special 2 [Cooldown: 180sec]) Ultimate Sacrifice "(Special 1 [Cooldown: 180sec])...
  3. RavenTrunks

    Loading a long list of cvars in one command?

    Okay, so i have alot of cvars I was messing with, and I want it to load atleast everytime I start the game, or through a console command. Anyone here know how this is done? Throwing all the cvars at the bottom of the server.cfg didnt work for me >.>
  4. D

    Need a tool or command to change dmg given

    So now my Problem is, if im playing online, i get a hit, and then loose 10-20 hp, and offline (lan) i loose 1 hp, if i try to kill someon ewith kamhemhaemha, online it kills them, but offlien its not working fine, its to underpowered, for exaple with 100 million ki, i should easeali kil someone...
  5. S

    Suggestion - Adding a new command.

    I would like to have a command which which will allow you to turn on/off Power Level decreasing. Like when you die you won't lose anything. So you can only gain PL. This is why I want this: 1. If a new player joins the server, he has a better change to keep up. 2. I don't like...
  6. M

    Command & Conquer 4 Trailer

    <div style="width: 480px;"><object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" id="gtembed" width="480" height="392"> <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" /> <param...
  7. The Deco

    Setmaster: Unknown command enable

    Yeah, im getting that when I try to use the steam dedicated server when im starting a server for any game, third party and steam games. I tried firewall unblocing, I even turned the firewall of just for a few seconds to check if the firewall gives me the problem, still major fail. Im...
  8. tuty

    ESF command help

    Hi there, what is that command, when you transform you can't swoop teleport or move?? because set_user_maxspeed wont work in esf... :yes:
  9. V

    Command for ki

    Is there a commnad to give ki i looked in the command list but i couldnt find it so may be u can help me thx u.
  10. X

    Command questions

    ID like to find a list of commands for server administrators and things for testing purposes, to test different characters at different power levels before logging over to a live server and playing some people. if there are commands to set characters power levels so i can test...
  11. K

    Looking for a Command

    Hi guys. After I die on my server with a character I lose KI. Too much. Now I am looking for a command which will turn off losing of KI when I die. I know there is such a command but I dont remember. Can someone tell me?
  12. B


    Hey sorry but i've been busy, and i did get my game to work Grega. Anyway to the point. Is there any command to make the plevel gained from killing an apponent higher? As in, If i killed a guy the same plevel as me i get..lets say.. 1k from it. Can i make it so i get 5k? Like change the...
  13. M

    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    Source: Screenshots:
  14. O

    Need help finding a command

    Ok guys I love this mod , but sometimes I dont have time to wait or fight long enough to get Vegeta to his perfect form , is there a command I can use for my lan games to increase the starting power level for everyone?
  15. .Guzzie.

    Is there a command that....

    Is there a command that I can put into the Server.cfg, that will allow everyone to hear eachothers mic talk?? Instead of only the 'team' being able to hear it?? EDIT: Found the answer - Its sv_alltalk, set it to '1' if your interested -Guzzie
  16. Tsunami

    Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

    Ok, so the full game was released this past monday. Who got it? I nabbed me the Kane Edition. We need to get a game going :D
  17. M

    Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Demo Released
  18. ZeroNightmare

    Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Update;title;3&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot they released more information on the 3rd faction "The Scrin" alien insectesque creatures that are also addicted to Tiberium The game will be out for the PC next...
  19. V

    Idlebot command?

    Sorry but i forgot.. what was the idlebot command?
  20. Kaination

    Powerlevel command suggestion

    You guys should seriously make it so that the pl command can only be used when sv_Cheats 1 is on. when sv_cheats 0 is on, you can't use it. It'd help in playing, so while your playing, some random guy doesnt come in with 1 billion PL and own you, etc. Just a thought :)
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