1. L

    Fix 'Falling out of the map'

    to fix that crap where you see all the players but no ground/textures or anything else, try adding a big layer of 'clip' texture around the outsides of your map... it might be 'noclip' theres only one so just filter for clip
  2. D

    I cant figure out how to make this code work.....

    I found this code, but i cant make it work right. When I type in something....the next word I put goes to the next line. How do I fix this? edit: oh god im stupid....sry...disreguard really sry.....
  3. S

    CD Code

    Hi all! I've got a problem with my CD code i installed Half-life and filled in my CD code. Then i wanted to play ESF and it said Wrong CD code but it can't because before i moved in another apartement it worked ?? do you have an idea why it won't work ?
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    got bored (another esf splash)

    i was looking for somethin to do and i saw the esf splash topic so i said hey y dont i make one
  5. S

    HTML Code For Flash

    does anyone know the code? i have a flash sig and would like to use it :) thx ill delete this thread as sonn as someone tells me
  6. G

    Wheres all the code?

    I come into the coding forum expecting to see maybe a tiny little bit of c++ and I see nothing...
  7. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Ok guys who can createGOKU4 ???

    I hope Vassago will answer me cuz i ever trie to get an answer from him ;)
  8. G

    Hey Vassago I got a question for you

    Since you use lightwave, I was wondering maybe if you have used 3d studio max, you could tell me which one YOU think is better, yes I know its pretty much preference but like which is overall better, break it down for me if you don't mind.
  9. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    Question about flying code

    is there a tut or anything that gives you an idea on how to do this? im making a mod for the guyver and they can fly and i need to put that in.. thanks in advance. Mirai_Trunks
  10. G

    Very important thing concerning milkshape!

    If my comp got a virus when I had the registered version of Milkshape, and then I got it recovered and then installed Milkshape again would I be able to use the same register code I had used before because if not that would be a waste of 20 dollars!! I don't have milkshape yet, but because this...
  11. OneWingedAngel

    Sig help!

    what is everything i need to make a good sig like android and judge!? like everythin every file i need! please tell
  12. Antoine3323


    Would anyone mind makin a Brolli model for me or just makin a skin for him or somethin??? I would really appreciate!! :) Also, Dabura and the Supreme Kai (Shin) would be coo too!!! :)
  13. OneWingedAngel

    umm lets see if my sig work...

    ok here it is..... oh ya this is my first every attemp to make a sig! so bare wit me. also if it don't work, could someone tell me what i should do!
  14. S

    Mapping Suggestion

    Ok... this is very rare of me to ask for help but im stumped... I made an awesome king kais planet map... round and everything! but... I cant figure out how to give the map a center of gravity in the center of the planet... I want this so that you can walk around the planet while Fly Toggle...
  15. K

    anyone have a regestration code and name for milkshape if so please tell me im

    if u can give me ur regestration and name for milkshape i would apreciate it thx
  16. D


    YO, if anyone wants a sig, just tell me and ill make one for them...
  17. B

    Sig Code

    what is the html code to put the picture in ur sig?
  18. K

    King Kai's Planet

    lol I thought it would be cool to have a map of King Kai's planet, and if you were able to total move around the planet like flying or walking or am I just crazy?
  19. M

    Gravity Room

    I've started to make a gravity room map for ESF. i've put in sensu beans in the gravity room, up high, so it's hard to get, ya cant jump off of the ground in non-turbo mode and flying is hard, but if turbo ya can get the sensu beans a little easier. Here's where i'm a little stuck, what should...