1. S

    Any clans?

    Hi im kinda new, was just wondering if there are any clans going that can help me improve etc
  2. J

    is there anny norwegian clans out there for esf?

    is there anny norwegian clans for esf... if so i whould be glad to hear about it... if not i will try joining europe clans... two thumbs up for ESF^^
  3. Shinkyou


    I'm looking to try out for an ESF Clan. I'm new, only a week or so, but I've been told I'm doing well. I'm hoping the clan will see my potential and train me. ^^ AIM = Aikou no Shinzui MSN = [email protected] IRC = Shinkyou If you can, post Clan sites, etc. ^^ -Ryan.
  4. B

    Esf clans

    Are you a part of an Esf clan? If so, what one? The rules say no advertising, so no posting your clan's website in this thread. ~)NgF(~ here :D Mods I don't think this breaches any rules but if it does...please don't gimme a warning ;)
  5. F

    ESF website- Clans Page

    Well I was thinking, ok, enough of ESF the game for now. Everyone posts about that. But remember on the old lay out (though never updated it still had it) there was a clans page. Well I was thinking, hey why not have a clans page, with websites to go to. That way, 1. It promotes clans, 2. It...
  6. D


    Hi i was just wonderinG if there were any clanSs recruiting (since still dont got their link page up ) - no offence - well about my skills i think im pretty though i win from most people my best techniques are melee mostly teleport secondary melee with small beams . generic beam ...
  7. D

    What about clans

    Don't u think that there should be a little box somewhere that u can put your clan and it appears in your name or sommin whil playin.
  8. M


    sup peeps, im not asking to join a clan but im just wondering what the clans are like, cause in the game Delta Force i was part of a squad (clan) i stayed with them for over a year, then not too long ago most of the members barely showed up for matches, practice, etc, so i left. the clans...
  9. M


    Looking for a clan for ESF. I am good. If you would like, we can go on a server for a try-out, need info. 74003548.
  10. S

    ESForces Clans

    I search ESF-Clans and please help me. Write some Clan Url´s yyou know in this thread,THX!
  11. W

    Clans: Elitest or just for fun?

    Hmm, when I play esf I like to have fun. It makes it kind of hard when you join a server and there are a few clan guys, not saying any names (| : : Z : :| :)) that even though they are good, must make the impression on everyone else. I am new to the game and when a guy pummels me up and down...
  12. OubliezJe


    Hi, I am the leader of ES (Elite Soldiers). It is a clan for esf. We need as many members as possible. We have 17 members so far we started back in December of the 15th of 2002. Recently we have shut down ES but it is starting back up the 26th of may.If you would like to know more info goto...
  13. S


    How i registered my clan in the internet???
  14. L


    just wondering.. why aren't there any clan forum or battle forum around in the esf forum? would be kinda cool... like clans can chalange each other and stuff... but the most interesting would be when every clan has it own threat.. so u can see how many are around :\ coz i see much tags ... to...
  15. |::>sugar<::|

    ESF clans!

    :] hi my name is |::>sugar<::|ssj2 in game and i would like to join a good esf clan..i know quite a few clans but i didnt ask them directly. could a clan please leave there clan leader..or name and something to conatct them:laff: thanks and btw i have been playin for sometime...
  16. Shuyin

    what are the best clans going?

    tell me the names and give me a link to there site if you can, im interested. :) *p.s sorry to the moderators for putting my topics in the wrong places*
  17. Texas


    Where can i contact clans so i might be able to get in one? I haven't notices a clan forum... Thanks.
  18. I


    Is there truely a point to having clans? There are absolutely NO leagues for ESF and I haven't seen anything in the works for an upcoming league..... So Far I've only seen a bunch of arrogant children stacking their clan on one team and pulling 4v1's on people..... and it's usually funny when...
  19. K

    Clans Discussion

    Why cant someone make a clan dis... it would be good if someone did. Beacuse if some people want to make clans or something they can post that there.
  20. U

    german clans

    are there any german clan´s? hi leute , kennt ihr deutsche esf clans?Wenn ja schreibt es ihr rein