1. Deathshot

    Chibi FMA =D ( Dont be to harsh T_T)

    Yes, I know it needs alot of work. Tell me what ya think of it.^^
  2. B

    Mera's Chibi goku

    I've been posting this @Simple render thread... It's almost done: C&C please
  3. SA_Gohan

    Chibi Saiyaman

    Adding another Gohan model into the fray, this one, as per usual, altered from the original concept. At this point I'd come up with something clever to say about the stylistic changes my deranged mind led me to make, but its close to 3am so I'll pass on that just this once. [old version]...
  4. ReCkOninG of FirE

    [DBS] Chibi Gohan

    Some of you may already have seen this at the DBS forums but I need some more comments :) Its chibi gohan from eary in the saiyan saga in Goku's outfit! Clicky for wires :) Thanks in advance ^^
  5. Enix

    naruto chibi art

    I was extremely bored last night... I was gonna turn it into an animated gif, but im lazy...
  6. bapplebo

    Cloud Strife Chibi wip lol

    Bleh. Need major help with it. Harshest crits will be taken (as always :D ) And for all you people going OMG BUT CLOUD IZ TOO HOT TO BE CHIBI, then im tryna form my own style. Sadly, im failing atm, but still. Plus, he's not sad, i just need eyebrows.
  7. majin uub

    chibi trunks new move

    heya guys...i just got done watching the Bio-Brolli movie...and trunks did the kamehameha in i think this would be a good move/replacment move for his burning attack since that sucks...but ya just though i would like to let u know cause he needs stronger attacks
  8. |Overlord|

    chibi trunks , goten , gotenks buddy sys idea

    i just have seen debate of how gotenks should be put into esf , and how a lot of people have talked about it "we need goten in the game , and possibly chibi trunks") well , it could be done thru the buddy system goten speed : 180 health : 100 starting pl : 600,000 attacks : usal...
  9. alexss

    Chibi trunks model

    does any 1 know where i might get my hands on a chibi trunks model/skin for esf?
  10. F

    Chibi Goku from Original Dragonball Series for 1.2

    Hi everyone i was just curious to see if anyone knew of a chibi goku skin moddelled on the original Dragonball series, Goku looks really cool with his tail and red costume. Ive seen GT skins, but i prefer the Dragonball series. Has anyone made one before? Thx Fixer
  11. T

    Gt Chibi Goku Edited and Skined

    credits; Godgundam- face Kreshi- For body and hair and Kama hope u guys like it what do u think?
  12. Z

    Chibi Goku skin...!

    Chibi goku...! need animators!!! Hey here is my new skin style what do you think... model : kreshi skin: me! my old: My new:
  13. Kreshi

    Chibi Goku

    Chibi Goku: I forgott to fix the smoothing of his clothes ;/ And damn ms3d render and pic quality! For example, u can´t see some hairs on his head which hang over his forehead... When the model is done ill put it into a ms3d viewer. *Polycount: 1099 *Mouth ful...
  14. Enix

    Chibi Garaa Sig

    WOOT WOOT!! I havnt made a sig in about a month! WOW! thats a record, well anyway here is my new sig:
  15. Enix

    Chibi kakashi sig!!!!

    i finally got episode 72 and they show a little clip with chibi kakashi in it. well i thought he looked sweet so i made a sig out of it:
  16. Vejimaru

    Chibi Halo Sig

    K. I found this uh...Master Chief pic. Here is teh sig I use it in. Critz plz
  17. The_Forgotten

    Chibi Vegeta SoundPack!!!

    It took me a while but I'm finished!This is my first soundpack and I did it with my voice cause I searched though dozens of episodes and I couldn't find any sounds so I did it(except the trans). heres the link: Oh yahh, please don't get mad...
  18. dbrulz72

    The Lost Chibi Vegeta

    I know theres 1 out there for ESF.I've seen several threads about them so what happened?
  19. G

    Chibi Goku Wallpaper

    Credits to Gundamwing for the model this is something I made since I was extremely bored and decided to do something nice using a model.Instead of using pics from the show..I know it isn't much creative but it did took me a bit of time.
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