1. H

    Chibi Goku Soundpack

    omg i hate u all -.- read the readme before u do sumthin stupid >_> by downloading this u are agreeing that u smell and i pwn j00 ;D!
  2. SSJ 4 Vegito

    Chibi Goku GT soundpack(funimation)

    Heres my new goku soundpack what do you think ? Chibi Goku GT
  3. Suh Dude

    EFighter's Chibi Trunks.

    This is made by LaHeen. A Efighters Member of the Team :) dont crit. itill he says so :)
  4. S

    need download like for a chibi goku gt plz

    can sume one plz give me a like to download chibi goku gt plz
  5. N

    NEW chibi goku gt edit, download link is here

    deleted, yay
  6. God Gundam

    GT chibi goku Version 2.0 O_o

    hey all, well kama and i are in final stretch of the model and skin, lol after a few weeks, but ya its lookin good. this one will have a ssj form instead of a ssj3 and a few new sounds that werent with the old sound pack. the different faces are what kamas experimenting with so enjoy that expression
  7. R

    Do you guys know where cai download chibi trunks model

    Guys plz tell me i wreally need that skin its cool :D can you tell me where to download it??
  8. Super Veggeto

    Chibi trunks skined - finished

    its my first detailed skin...what do you think??? credits goes to ssj 4 gogetenks....
  9. S

    chibi trunks done and ready to be skinned

    credits to Xstortionist for the nonssj hair, neon and elemantal4q2 for the sword. i went on ahead and skinmapped it. heres the link to the model. please post your work here.
  10. D

    Chibi Trunks

    i cant fint Chibi Trunks on the search buton give me plz a model Chibi Trunks :scared: my e-mail :[email protected] give my i file or a site plz
  11. S

    - Chibi Trunks WIP -

    Only made a torso so far, any critz? Chibi Trunks ohh..and i got this idea, lets say i make a chibi trunks model and a goten model and then merge them in one file and assign them with one skeleton, so you have goten en trunks as one model, and then as a transormation a gotenks...
  12. J

    chibi trunks model done

    yay! I've just finished my crappy ;D trunks model but, well, it's my first, so.... credits: NONE! pic here: I've fixed the head after I made this pic so it WILL be smaller it just needs skinmapping and skinning if you want to skin this crappy model, PM me *don't rip or clone (right...
  13. S

    chibi trunks wip

    i decided to make a better version of my old trunks. here it is so aobut o put some arms on it just got to ask permission. heres a pic
  14. J

    chibi trunks thread #2, release SOON!!!

    I haven't worked on my chibi trunks at all a looong time, I was tired of modeling now I felt like modeling again, finally :smile: and I've continued working on my chibi trunks. it didn't have a head yet, so I started on one I've worked on it for about an hour now, this is what I've got so...
  15. J

    chibi trunks WIP

    I finally started to work on a pbp chibi trunks model I must admit I'm not THAT good at modeling, I work very slowly and if it won't work out completely, I might just edit some other models to make it I've worked on it for about an hour and this is what I got so far: it will be very very...
  16. Froggo

    Shino! :D (from Naruto?)

    Heres some kind of odd Tribute to my favourite Naruto character Shino :D, If you have seen hime in the preliminary matches you know the idea about this thing
  17. J

    should I make a chibi trunks?

    I've searched 4 a released chibi trunks (can't really find one) I'm asking to release it if you've made one....or show it if you've already done that also, I'm making one myself, but I'm the worst modeling n00b so it probably won't get very far :cry: maybe some1 else can try too? FOR THE...
  18. S

    Verious Pencil sketches of DBNG

    this is how teck will look as a kid, ssj: hope you like, i might draw a pic of him normal later
  19. T

    GT Goku Wip

    im making a chibi goku from dbgt.. check it out
  20. T

    gt chibi goku turning ssj4

    tired of being with the same sound of a little child when chibi goku turns ssj4. well get happy ppl because me and ultra have just done it we are making two sounds for goku heres a pic of model when transforming.