1. E

    Chibi/Pre Teen? Gohan

    Here.....i dunno if its chibi or preeteen, the cell games gohan.. i set the background as that image on the side, set the mdels to seethrough and then basically traced around it so it shud all be perfect? ill post a smooth and coloured soon still wip as i now need to spend some polys on...
  2. E

    Chibi Trunks (WIP)

    Here: tell me what u think so far yes i know the feet are diff colours LOL.....ill sort that out later as its not a proper skin, just coloured teh polygons
  3. R

    chibi trunks alpha

    heya, new model..chibi trunks alpha and render sux but i dont care it is a alpha need to make torso and i didn't tweaked anything well here it is
  4. SA_Gohan

    Chibi Trunks

    Hey all! Here's a picture of my latest model. It's Chibi trunks. What do you think?
  5. Son Goten

    Could someone plz make me a sig?

    could someone make me a sig of SSJ Goten and have it say "Son Goten, If you can see me, you're already dead." but without the ""? it would be realy grateful if someobne could....