1. Emily

    A Chat System,

    I was introduced to the site by a friend, I have been asked to help best i can so i have made a chat system, : notes, The chat system is hosted by me, i can share Owner. / Admin rights, The Chat Name is stuck, So understand if you dont like name ill have to rehost a...
  2. Champion

    How to inserting bot chat in ESF?

    I have an ESF 1.2.3 Non-Steam, and when I inserting chat in game, appears an error of "buffer overrun". Please help me.
  3. Kosherdog

    When is the next steam chat Q/A and live gameplay or stream?

    I missed the last steam chat q/a that was a long time ago, but the thought just crossed my mind again. I really want to be able to plan to see it this time! Thanks ^_^
  4. omnomnom

    Just because this is now Master Chief chat

    Good day ladies and gentlemen.
  5. hleV

    Steam Chat: Nipples

    Jason, please unblock me in Steam. I'd like to talk with you about something else than nipples.
  6. Mastasurf

    Steam Chat QA Session

    Some of the ESF developers are going to be hanging out in the Earth's Special Forces steam chat at 18:00 GMT. Feel free to join us for a Q&A session where we'll try to answer the communities questions about ESF. 19:00 GMT is around 2 hours from now.
  7. omnomnom

    This is now Colonel Chat keep discussing:smile:
  8. omnomnom

    This is General Chat Discuss
  9. R

    How to avoid spam messages in general yahoo chat room?

    I want to make friendship with other countries people, but when I entered in general chat room, so many spam messages are coming, and sometimes they call to private room. How to avoid these spam messages. It's really irritating me, please help.
  10. H

    How do you chat in the trade or general discussion chats in World of Warcraft?

    Ok, I know how to chat in the guild chat, in the party chat, and I know how to say something where what you say appears over your head. But how do you talk to other players using just "general" chat or "trade" chat?
  11. B

    Chat with me in WOW?!

    So uh, would anyone who plays wow be opposed to adding me as their RealID friend? Cuz, really, I'm bored. I'm [email protected] 100g to the first person who can guess my name before they add me as a friend o.O
  12. Deman

    Chat Roulette Piano Improv This dude is great.
  13. Pain

    So, live Mormon chat

    Saw a commercial for it, decided to take it for a spin. If anything, I can say I was very entertained. He avoided most of my questions which were "controversial". I asked him about the healthcare bill, evolution, the age of the earth...
  14. Skyrider

    Chat Box Back Online!

    For those who are interested, the chat box is back online. Don't see the chat box or having issues with it? Please reply in this thread. You can find the chat box at the bottom of the forums and also at the bottom within threads. A lot of bugs has been fixed in this release, which includes the...
  15. Skyrider

    Chat Box Upgrade! (I know its missing)

    An update got released today for the chat box which had some nifty features and quite a lot of bug fixes. How ever.. The update seem to have failed. Trust me, this is not my fault :p. It seems to be a slight fault within the chatbox code, perhaps conflicts or a few things are missing which are...
  16. Skyrider

    New IRC Chat Box

    [EDIT: I've replaced back the old chatbox, but will leave an IRC link active in the top and on the forums for people to use] As a lot of people already may have noticed, I've replaced the forum chat box with the Mibbit. Mibbit is a nice AJAX IRC web script. The only thing you have to do to...
  17. The Deco

    Talking to myself at the chat box

    6: 49 I can somewhat imagine reading books as a pleasure 06:49 <deco> but i cant imagine it lasting a while like playing video games 06:50 <deco> like, finishing a book, then starting another one after a few days 06:50 <deco> isnt like finishing a video game, for example, and...
  18. J-Dude

    TF2: I have a great mic; why does voice chat sound terrible?

    Alright, I like doing voice recordings from time to time, and so I have a great Logitech desktop mic. Cost about 30 dollars, uses USB feed, and recordings sound almost studio quality with no background interference. However, I was hoping to use my microphone in Team Fortress 2, and when...
  19. Skyrider

    halloween Theme & Chat Box Update.

    As you all can already see, a new Halloween Style has been added! This style will Temporally be set as the main default style on this forum for the next 2 weeks. After that, the new ESF Forum theme will be set back as default and this theme will be set as optional so you all can still choose...
  20. shadowcast

    Chat issues

    well up till worked normally....but now when i try to chat the game freezes.....cant control anything but the fight goes on.....everyone is moving, chatting but i can't do nothing