1. Nige

    Why isnt the ESF home changing

    I check every week and there is never any news. Whats going on?
  2. BlueSaiyan

    I appreciate them changing the swoop mechanics!

    Playing 1.3 OB made me realize that it is SO much more useful and user friendly to swoop after only pressing the alternate direction once instead of requiring more double tapping! Thanks for that!
  3. Shadi

    Request: ESF team changing? (Amxx)

    I run my own server _|H.H|_Europe Fun Zone 24/7 ( Shortcut : im requesting a team switcher that works in ESF more info wise: I feel i got most addons in and everything feels perfect cept one thing the amxmodmenu with switching teams in esf is bugged and if there is...
  4. hleV

    Changing Aura Model Lags for a Second?

    Hello. I have created a plugin which changes default aura model to custom one. Then, some pro told me that it lags for a milisecond when you turn on the turbo/swoop. I didn't believe him at first because I haven't noticed anything strange with the aura. Then, after losing 1 vs. 1 against him...
  5. Chakra-X

    Changing Resolution Without Loading Game?

    I accidentally switched my esf 1.3 resolution to one my monitor can not display, so I can not launch it and switch because my monitor displays an error screen. Is there a way I can change this without actually launching esf?
  6. The Deco

    Help, maybe changing Video card HELP

    xD alright. So this is my Motherboard Now I want to get a video card that will serve me well for the coming years and after I will replace my current PC I will be able to not buy a new Video Card because this one...
  7. Phobius

    Trent Reznor changing music history possibly? Not many times you will ever see a big name group let everybody download a whole 43:45 music cd for free. If you haven't listened to Nine Inch Nails before or have and enjoyed it then I suggest downloading this awesome cd. Also since I own all the NiN cd's...
  8. VideoJinx

    Life Changing Thread

    Do you know a friend who has cancer? Maybe your friend's friend or perhaps their family member has cancer. If so, your in the CORRECT thread. This vid goes to further strengthen my beliefs in cures for aids, cancers, complete gov / corp. corruption, and the fast aproaching critical crisis...
  9. M

    Changing Usernames

    What's with people changing their usernames these days? Is this allowed just by preference?
  10. H

    Changing model using a client cmd

    While looking into a cfg, found def_bind; model Trunks, I tested, but works for 1 sec :(. Is there any way to modify the model using a client cmd, or atleast a server cmd?
  11. Y

    Changing CS1.6 server to ESF

    I recently purchased a dedicated server from, its a CS1.6 server running linux, i was wondering can anyone give me intructions on how to change it to ESF? Ive downloaded the ESF Linux already
  12. A

    Changing Model Sequences

    Hey all. A buddy of mine is looking for a way to change a model's sequence without decompiling it. I'm not good with working on models or anything like that I'm just the relay guy, but he's trying to change certain animations for a Broli model. He asked, verbatim, if I knew a way to "change...
  13. Phobius

    Changing your Security TCP connect Limits

    Some of you might already know this some might not but I thought I would let you guys know about it. Basically theres a security limit on your TCP/IP connects which can lead to slower download and upload speeds via torrents, p2p and what not. The reason why they put this security limit on was...
  14. M

    Changing Character

    I was thinking that when you switch characters, that it should switch them the next time you respawn, instead of just killing you right after selecting another character.
  15. sub

    Changing the default camera view

    I would like to suggest that for 1.3, the default camera view is that of when you max out the zoom ingame [holding k down 'till it stops]. The vast majority of pro's have the camera set like this and it's just a disadvantage to new players that don't know about it. you can have an option to...
  16. webber

    Changing teams

    A thing that always bothered me in esf is that there is no respawn when changing teams, like when someone changes character. People use this like a "tactic" (it bugs me as much as the rolling exploit): let's say that i'm in the good team i'm going after someone when i'm close to...
  17. S

    Temp directory, changing folders?

    My mate's having a problem with his computer, he partitioned his drive to have windows and his files and stuff in different parts of his hdd, thing is he made it too small, so he's wondering how would he go about changing the location of his temp directory, so he can handle doing things with...
  18. S

    changing the code

    Just wondering.. is it possible to adjust the properties of certain beam attacks or the melee settings? for example, I would like for the gallit gun to be more powerful and have a larger blast radius. Is this possible? If so, are these located in the cfg files?
  19. M

    Power Level Changing

    you know how in esf 1.2.3, if you die your power level randomly goes down or goes up, well i think that if your someone like piccolo,frieza,cell,buu, or krillin, that if you die with those characters then no power level would be lost, if you are a sayin and you die, your power level should...
  20. [ET]Vegeta

    Changing Filters

    i dont no if anybody hase this problum but what should you have you filters at because i only get like 6 suvers so can you help:yes: