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Sep 11, 2005
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you know how in esf 1.2.3, if you die your power level randomly goes down or goes up, well i think that if your someone like piccolo,frieza,cell,buu, or krillin, that if you die with those characters then no power level would be lost, if you are a sayin and you die, your power level should increase slighty, say you died at 1,200,000, this is what your power level be when you respawned
1,244,000 or something like that, this is already in the game, but it happens randomly on each server, you should be able to turn this option on or off
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Dec 25, 2001
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mp_plcatchup 0/1

sets your pl closer to the servers average pl when you die. its not randomly at all.
however, in 1.3 there will be another option to only increase your pl closer to the servers average pl instead of decreasing aswell.

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