1. Stuart

    Buddy System.

    It would be cool to make a application where you can grab a player and let your team mates(or anyone you've teamed up with) use kai blasts , or do damage by punching in combinations etc. while the first person holds the member captive untill dead or he escapes. And if your in a server with no...
  2. It's over One Million!

    King Cold - Freeza's buddy?

    It's cool if last Freeza's transformaton will be no Mecha-Freeza but just added King Cold as a buddy. What do you think about this?
  3. B

    This is for you buddy. I hope you feel better!

    Fellow ESF forum goers. Today is a sad day for all of us. Indeed it is. For I have found out that MF29 is, and has been, rather depressed. I know, I'm a doctor. All the symptoms are there. Lack of motivation, not engaging in hostile actions over meaningless topics or discussions. This thread...
  4. Near


    I have read previous posts about the buddy system and how the ESF team should implement more buddy's for characters. I agree that it would be overpowered, but i think that cell should have a buddy. For cell it would be different. He would have 3 buddies. The three would all be cell junoir's...
  5. liad

    body change and buddy system bug

    buddy system bug edit:read the edit cause what i wrote before is wrong edit:i checked again and it doesnt have anything to do with body change. just if the buddy gets killed by a beam or blast the hud stays but with no hp(if he gets killed by melee the hud dissappears) doesnt have...
  6. D

    BUDDY suggestions

    MODES: the buddy should be like a seperate bot that you can switch places with. being a bot itll have 3 modes: Attack mode normal mode (exactly what it does now but moves with you) Defense mode (what it currently does now except stays in place) Attack mode will consist of holding your...
  7. john_volkov

    how do I get Reccome as buddy ?

    i'v tryied i hav the pl but I can't be Reccome it's there a combination or you will have to work up to 8 000 000 pl
  8. Ultimate Trunks

    Question about Buddy System

    Hey guys Im enjoying the buddy system thing for beta but one question, will a player be able to have more then one buddy at a time in the buddy system like a second or third trasformation? Example: Ginyu: all of Ginyu force allies Android 18: 17 and 16 allies
  9. U

    buddy transformation problem

    is the buddy transform without the powerlevel boundary or powerlevel require?? does the same problem happan to every charator if they r use the buddy transformation, or they can transform everytime they want without the powerlevel requirement. which means u can transform when the game start, or...
  10. john_volkov

    some buddy sugestion

    Well i don't realy know if the team allready did this but i think the buddy suld have the same life as u if u have 50hp the buddy will have 50 hp to not a new hp or max hp and the same pl
  11. ~*Logan*~

    Captain Ginyu's Buddy System

    After reading the newest outlines, I have a suggestion for Ginyu. I think you should be able to choose who you want to buddy with rather than have it chosen in order. Each buddy should have his own strength's and weaknesses. For example... Recoome - Slowest, but strongest. Highest HP. Can...
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Buddy System - Team Attacks

    Yea, raven dust said it in another thread that it would be cool if goten and trunks could do a team kameha attack like they did in a movie. I think team attacking with the buddy system would be sweet as hell! Think 17 and 18 doing accel dance or whatever. Having the ginyu force all...
  13. |Overlord|

    Kai Buddy System Idea

    i was thinknig maybe the kais could be added in a future version of esf maybe the kais i would like to see in the game would be supreme kai , Kabito & kaioshin (the fusion of the both of em) after going on a crazy dbz watching Spree , i an remeber these attacks that the supreme kai did ...
  14. |Overlord|

    chibi trunks , goten , gotenks buddy sys idea

    i just have seen debate of how gotenks should be put into esf , and how a lot of people have talked about it "we need goten in the game , and possibly chibi trunks") well , it could be done thru the buddy system goten speed : 180 health : 100 starting pl : 600,000 attacks : usal...
  15. |Overlord|

    Majin Buddy System

    I have thought of a new buddy system Ofcourse , people have mensioned "it would be cool if dabura was in esf". well this is a suggestion to put him in along with yarkon & the other guy (the one that vegeta owned , can't remember his name , it was the one that's home planet was 10x the gravity...
  16. Ravendust

    #17/#18 Buddy - Moves

    #17 1. Melee - As Goku 2. Ki Blasts/Accel - As Goku/As Piccolo's Scattershot but fires straighter 3. Generic Beam/Ball - As Goku/As Goku 4. Finger Laser (gold) - As Frieza but gold 5. Power Blitz - Like the BBA but with a charging sprite, large energy sphere 6. Energy Field - Like Gohan's...
  17. Taurus 2112

    If Dissing your buddy isn't good enough...Add a point system! :D

    So I go to quite a few LAN's with a very small group of guys. We are all close friendsd and when we are getting our game on there is always a fair amount of trashtalk and ribbing going around so....since I have no life and nothing better to do, I designed a point system to go along with it. each...
  18. Sicron

    let us guess: Teh Buddy System?!

    well always, esf is creating new systems....and the forum community exists offcourse to guess how they work...so...let us guess! I think the buddy system would work like this: as soon as ginyu gets low on hp, he can quickly change into a different model (aka, buddy...) so you can play further...
  19. Z

    3dsmax tutorails

    dosu anny one of you know tutorails for 3dsmax and s bolt u said : "search is your friend" he maybe my friend but he shows no tutorails :S
  20. G

    Can Someone...

    cab someone please give me a link for a tutorial to make midels or skins?...:confused: