1. Mkilbride

    Breaking: Disney buys LucasArts
  2. Zeonix

    Breaking: Water is wet.
  3. Boogyman93

    GTX480 and 470 are here along with a record breaking mobo :O
  4. Skyrider

    Wii Breaking my Wireless internet

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my wii. If I set my wii in the same room as with a wireless network card in this computer. And I turn the wii on, it makes my internet very, very unstable. It keeps disconnecting and I can't do about it. I already disabled the 24 stuff and internet settings...
  5. elNarr

    'Breaking News' Saddam to be Hanged today or tomorrow

    I saw from bbc that Saddam Husseim would be executed today or tomorrow, my guess is that he'll be executed tomorrow at 12.00 am - 5.00 am distance @ my local timeline+2 GMT. One word: Hooray. But i still have an disturbing chill at my spine, that something will happen after that, i don't...
  6. KidMan

    Breaking up

    Why the **** does brekaing up have to be the hardest and probably one of the most difficult things to do in the history of man? I could kill someone no problem. I could do cruel and unusual things to them, but breaking up is something I can't do, but I did. I broke it off with my girlfriend and...
  7. Tsunami

    Breaking news

    Pope John Paul the 2nd died moments ago at the Vatican. I was not Catholic, but as a christian in general he was a man I looked up too. He was a great man and will be missed. R.I.P
  8. J

    im not sure if this is breaking the rules or not...

    but here goes. this is by no means an attempt to recruit, but if you deem it as such, just close/delete the thread. ok so anyway im working on a project, and i want comments on the design brief, ie. what you think is good, bad, what you would change, why you would change it etc. thanks :D...
  9. Optional

    Block Breaking Bug

    Say an attacker puts in 4 arrows into the bar. Say, first one is a hard up punch, the last three are the 3 arrow combo (I will refrain from saying the actual combo). If the first hard punch goes through and the last three are blocked, the next 2 light hits go through even though they are dodged...
  10. S

    Breaking the Limits of the Human Body!

    man i watched that video on the site and thought that this is really awesome. man thats even better than those stunts in every movie! better than matrix, better than all hong kong blood opera movies... man... and they didnt use wires... just watch it and u know what...
  11. E

    New City Map

    Is it possible to make a City map so when you are melee'd right and you hit a building you go through it?
  12. Twilight

    ssj3 Vegeta

    Could anyone get a bunch of images of Vegeta, ssj3 gotenks, and ssj3 goku and then just mesh/doctor up the image to make a near exact pic of what ssj3 Vegeta would look like? I know it could be done, but I just cant do it myself
  13. S

    ssj krillin

    can someone make a ssj krillin for me? if you make one dont take too long please
  14. Farago

    Bones breaking and getting knocked out

    [Read everything carfully and be honest] Flame if you must. I don't know if this a has been suggested before but if it has sorry. Here's my suggestions. I think there should be a picture of your body in the bottom of the screen. Your body will just be all black in 2D. It should have...
  15. A

    A German Esf Page

    Ok my english is so bad but i try to make it good :) Ok i am a great fan from esf beta and we play it every second And now i start the make a german esf page! is that a good idea? i think so we have much more players !not only english ssj :) but i need a little bit help to...
  16. G

    ESF... breaking more records!

    ESF just broke the 50Gb bandwidth mark for the month. In total, since ESF has been hosted and up, we have served over 1 terabyte of raw page data, and over 30Tb of file downloads. On the 27th, we expect to serve over 200Mbps for a week or so straight, taking up about 60Tb of bandwidth...
  17. K

    Pepper City, Breaking bits off

    Could you guys make it so that in pepper city you could blow some of the parts off with you attacks, i think it would be so much more like DBZ if the attacks you did, did damge to the things when u miss (or when u don't :P). You could do a little every update till it gets to a point where you...