1. Trules

    Black Goku

    Helow guys : I have made black goku . The only thing is not made by me is the face texture that is from ecx vegito model Here are some screenshots:
  2. Viper

    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

    This isn't exactly new, but it deserves a thread. The next iteration of the Assassin's Creed series has been announced by Ubisoft. They're calling it Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and it's probably going to be released on the current generation of gaming hardware (PS3/XBOX360/PC). As the...
  3. Mkilbride

    Do you like Penumbra? Do you like The Thing(1982), and horror games? Then BLACK SNOW!

    HL2 Mod One of the better ones. Seriously. Get this guy a team, a job at some studio, perhaps Frictional Games, and a decent budget, and expect gold. A chilling mod...incredible atmosphere, really. Just, bam, the...
  4. zmaster

    mw3 black ops2 battlefield3

    I'm stuck on which to buy please I need some help
  5. Mkilbride

    Black Mesa GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE - RELEASE COMING SOON! Great googly moogley! I can't wait.
  6. Mkilbride

    Black yes, releasing.
  7. Deathshot

    CoD: Black Ops 2... To the future we go! So we finally reached the future for Call of Duty... I am not gonna lie, I can't wait for another Treyarch game. They are the only people I can play Call of Duty creators I can play a game from.
  8. Mkilbride

    [DSOGaming] Black Mesa release soon? could happen. The mod could actually release people. Black Mesa could release ~
  9. sub

    Chakra, Happy Black History Month!

    Happy Black History Month Chakra! I've never actually met a black person in real life, so I'm just assuming black history months are birthdays for you guys, but slightly better. And yeah, I know there's only like 3 or 4 days left in the month, but give me a break, it's the thought that counts.
  10. Grega

    Black March 2012

    A new protest against the recent internet regulation laws and so on. Basically for 1 month no buying movies, music, games and also no downloading of it as a boycott protest against the people trying to push for such bills. The official site: And a video that...
  11. Mkilbride

    [CVG] CoD: Black Ops has 'best game ending ever' - Guinness World Records
  12. Mkilbride

    Black Mesa confirmed to be...COMING SOON!
  13. Mkilbride

    Renegade X: Black Dawn released Played abit myself. Not that bad, doesn't feel like the original Renegade, and it's a little to "Dark" for Command & Conquer, but overall, I see promise.
  14. Layne

    Fade to Black intro solo Cover

    as in the title, i first recorded the audio via Guitar rig and Ableton Live. Than i synced it with da video. enjoy !
  15. Chakra-X

    The Hoodass Tales of Captain Ignant" Black Satire

    This is the animation I made for my junior thesis, enjoy and spread please! (Vote 5 here) Despite the days and days upon work, I was happy to make this. It'll be on Newgrounds soon too.
  16. -Origin

    Oh, Black Ops... This is all No Russian's fault! Blame videogames!
  17. Deathshot

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I know we really don't need this but this is mainly about what you get with the game for $150. Didn't everyone want one of those after seeing Home Alone 3 or Even cartoons? I mean dood... That is awesome!
  18. Ness

    Black Dynamite

    Guys, if you haven't seen this film already, go and see it! Saw it in October or November or something, it's probably the funniest movie I've seen in about 5 years, pure genius, doesn't rely on the random sex jokes or lad jokes you see in crap like The Hangover, Couples Retreat, etc etc...
  19. Skyrider

    Skyriderish Has a Medical Question!

    Behold! The human, body! ... In Meat Vision! Now, see the black circle? As of yesterday, I'm having slighly pain over there or somewhat very near of it.. Happens everytime I swallow something. The bigger thing I try to swallow eg food the bigger the pain.. Can't really call it pain, It's...
  20. M

    Fallout: New Vegas Teaser

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