1. T

    Cover in colour

    Ok I coloured it but I'm not quite satisfied with the beam maybe I should lose it? Or does someone know how to do them properly.
  2. T

    Kai Suit Gohan

    Wasn't there a Gohan Kai suit model released at one time? anyone have the link for it? i think sxyasian86 did it...thanks.
  3. L

    My RaWkInGMODEL!!!

    THis is my rawking model i still need anims and need to make the models... im too lazy to finish it...and don't know how soooo... here is the picture And here is the link to the file if you wanna finish my work :)
  4. Z

    gohan kaio sute

    who can host an image + the mdl for me ?
  5. F

    My artwork.

    Gimme a pencil, paper, a scanner, and Adobe Photoshop, and you could get something like this and this. Enjoy.
  6. grOOvy

    Z Spike V5

    Ok, this is a great improvement over the last spike. It's for Beta 1.1, and a high fps is >GUARANTEED<. It's the perfect map for training in melee, dueling, and tournaments. Big space for fighting, stands for people to watch, and mounts for the fighters to stand before the match begins...
  7. I

    1.0 models need to be reanimated for 1.1

    Yes, its true, basically you need to reanimate your 1.0 models or it'll look aucward. I've replaced all the models in 1.1 with the 1.0 i downloaded and they all have aucward animations
  8. Pommy


    I read the cs girl tutorial by dos for milkshape but it doesn't really go into detail on the modeling it just basically tells you what to do. Is there any tutorials for milkshape that tell you <i>how</i> to do things or techniques to use for different things. Does anyone know what I mean? Are...
  9. Halorin

    So Basically..

    If it's taking this long to develop 1.1.. We can look forward to nearly two years of development before we see.. what, 1."5"? By then I'd assume melee and transformations would have been added. Either this or something is stalling the release of 1.1. In any event, what do you plan on doing when...
  10. shadow16

    [ms3d] swapping parts head/arm/etc

    -after reading through some tutorials i did get a better understanding about making models etc...though nothing has really gone right so far but o well....anyways i wanted to know how can i like basically copy and paste stuff....l e.g I want to copy goku's head and lets say swap it with...
  11. SSJ4_Cell

    New Kamehameha Charge Sprite!

    Hi, this is my new kamehameha charge sprite! Credits go to ESF Team for normal sprite. Crits please!
  12. R

    Hellsing Interpretation

    Kinda late, I seriously did this in under 15 Minutes. Its not much, I didn't do no fancy bg or anything I just focus on sort of a Crimson Red saturation. Well anyways, I'm out for the night. Good night all ^-^ Hope ya like this.. And there'll be a new one soon ;)
  13. V

    FOR PEOPLE WITH Error: Could not find WAD

    Ok I think I have found soemthing here... If you use Worldcraft\Hammer to make your map and you export the .RMF to .MAP . For some reason when you export the .MAP file it doesnt include the WAD file Hard drive Directory name, Ex. C:/ D:/. To fix this all you have to do is open your exported .MAP...
  14. P

    what modeleditor are easyist

    what modeleditor are the easyist ? plz say it !
  15. Seph`

    Entergate Image

    I just designed a new entergate image for my Myth Of Soma site, but its just a basic effect, so if you want to know more just PM me. I'll send you an action or u can have a written out tut. I used to have Rei from Evangelion there, but everyone kept asking who she was. Ryan
  16. S

    Nutsy Skin!

    the second i saw this model, i said to myself "I have to skin that." well, I need some crits basically. also, how do you like the blue look? should i add/remove some things? gimme some ideas on what would make it look cool. btw, i just started arms and shirt, etc, so i havent spent...
  17. P

    New Sig =)

    Hi, im new to the forums, just thought id show you guys the sig i plan to use =) tell me what you think
  18. I

    I r Noob

    Yea im a noob with art, but im working on it, in your guys opinions what is better; photoshop or paint shop pro (i like photoshop, but i need some pros and cons), btw, this is my first post with esf forum :]
  19. N

    Gohan Pic/history of trunks

    does anyone have a pic of gohan when his arm is blasted off from the movie history of trunks? if posssible front and side? I want to try and make a model for it
  20. S

    Saiyan Explosion Banner WIP

    What do ya guys think? Its going to be the main header for my upcoming site. Nothing special at the moment since I'm short for time. This took exactly 6 minutes and 32 seconds (No joke, I timed it) It'll still be worked on but for now I like the way it looks. Feedback Please!