1. M

    A Bad Virus

    Hey guys. Been playin' ESF for years. Anyways, about a month ago, I got this strange virus. You see, about once every 5 or 10 minutes, a new browser window pops up. In the address bar it says "1%" and the page is blank. Well, I was using Netscape back then. I figured, maybe if I changed...
  2. S

    a few models looks bad

    sry for my bad english but, a few models are not correctly they have multiple arms or the arms are hanging on the spawn point after transforming, have no idea what i can do i have installed the game a few time i have the newest card driver and a nvidia 5900 card 2600+ amd 512 mb ram...
  3. PiXel

    bad day :-(

    Ok guys... today i got a bad day! ill start with the badest: I´ve been gone with 2 of my friends after the school to a famous place... on the way we meet 3 turkey lil motherfukers! they started to talk like: What ya lokin at me? Do i am a cinema? then we all gets started...
  4. JDeezNutz

    FPS bad :(

    My friend has exactly the same processor, same about of RAM and the same GFX card. (Specs shown below) Okay here is my problem: My friend is getting something like 130+ FPS on HL2! i am getting 67 FPS if i am lucky. Does anyone on this forum know what could be causing my system to...
  5. X-boy

    Why is Klylin the Bad Ass in ESF

    I have watch the entire DBZ Episodes from Freeza to Buu Saga and Klylin is one of the most weakest character in DBZ and he can't surpass any of the Super Saiyans or Nemic. And in the movies he got only one hit and he is knocked out. So why did they make Klylin super strong in ESF, In his regular...
  6. S

    NEED HELP, Bad graphics and OpenGL not working

    When i run the game, graphics seem normal, then i go to options, video, video mode, i see software. when im trying to change it to openGL, ESF is restarting, but then he sais: The specified video mode is not supported. The game will now run in software mod :cry: Ive got an NVIDIA FX...
  7. P

    need help really really bad please

    i have half life v. esf v. 1.2.3 and when i play hal-life or esf it says my exacutable is out of date and it will try to update but says it cant update no more and i whant to play it really bad because i only played the version 1.0 of esf and its the **** keep on going help please
  8. Kurisutaru

    please tell me whats good what bad,

    There is a contest for prom tickts at my school. we have to make a design for the shirts this is wat i have. Im ganan change the font type... we get two free prom tickets so... Our school Colors are i belive purple and black. We could only use three colors so i have to fix the ones with only 2...
  9. manontherun

    A Bad Question...

    I know this is not the best question to ask, but I was wondering how good can I possibly be with a 800Mhz, 128ram, crap gfx card comp? I just want to know if its just me, because I get 9-18 fps at times and it gets jittery and hard to actually play. I'm not saying I'd become a player with 100-0...
  10. E

    A bad situation

    hello all, I have a tough decision to I wanted your input...anyways the situation is that i have to decide in whether buying half-life 1 or 2... I used to have half-life 1 but i lost the disk and the cd key and i got a new computer...I meet the minimum requirements for h2...
  11. P

    Just curious...........Whats warez so i dont do anything bad

    What is warez and people stop closing threads man what if they are needed in the future.
  12. T

    need alot of help i got steam and 1.2.1 but when i start game it says bad dll.....

    ok i installed the 1.2.1 but when i did that i had to find the file so i went to c:/sierra/halflife and i tryied to install it to the esf file but i would not let me so i just sent it to the halflife file. THen when i started up steam and go it going i could only find the esf under the server...
  13. G

    Teen Drinking Is Very Bad!!! So is the WWE

    This is what happens when you try this at home :laff: And its funny as hell too.
  14. G

    Halo 2 Bad News Halo 2 has been Delayed

    Nah im joking. But it turns out that Halo 2 was leaked on the internet yesterday and people are going crazy and wondering how this could possibly happen and ect. Here's the Link too the website. It's on gamespot as well as other sites...
  15. H

    okay i need help, real bad. please dont ignore!

    Ive been trying to get ESF to work for a long time now. I have downloaded the Half life update and i DO own the original game. But it still says that it wont let me update servers as im running under a different protocol (it says this even for half life/CS etc). Besides from this i have...
  16. Eon

    Bad Wishes

    Just want to know, which famous person(s) do you extremely hate? Why not express it here? Why not think of an elaborated accident you want to happen to them as well (:p) Mine would be.. Amy Lee. I hope she gets hit by a train. -_- can't stand her music :O
  17. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    some little suggestions...plz do not enter cuz they might be 2 bad

    ********************************** OK SO THIS ARE SOME LITTLE SUGGESTIONS ********************************** 1)U know when u gather all the Dragonball's and the dragon appears I was thinking 2 be like in the show...i mean like the sky easily get's black and...
  18. D

    need help bad

    when i go to play esf it loads up and every thing just when i pick a map and go to play it,it starts loading then gose of wot do i do
  19. S

    bad guy concept... redone

    bad guy concept... redone UPDATED Tryin out my brushpen, havent used it in a while... it really sucks not havin a tablet :( i miss it, anyways, this is a redesign of my desert sun badguy, he's called Brendan. Hopefully now he looks a bit more evil and scary, and i buffed him up a bit, i know...
  20. SierraSonic

    Bad luck day. ~.~

    ~.~ not a lucky day at all...