1. Almighty_Gir

    My baby girl.

    please welcome to the world, Tyria Dorothy Morgan Devonald! she was born yesterday morning at 4:21am, and weighed a whopping 9lbs 14oz (4.515kg)!!! we were in the hospital until today, because unfortunately just after the birth there were complications with my girlfriend, she...
  2. Mkilbride

    Egyptian couple names baby Facebook, in honor of the role it played in the revolution
  3. Mkilbride

    Woman shakes baby to death for crying while she plays...Farmville. Is it the new WoW for young mothers?
  4. H

    Revenge Deathball for Baby

    Hey, someone can help me? i have a baby vegeta, but he don't haves the revenge ball (the ball look like genki dama, but his color are black and blue and he haves in middle a little circles in white)
  5. R

    Install Baby Vegeta

    I have downloaded the pack baby vegeta pack, but only the bot Vegeta shows the baby vegeta, i try to choose vegeta training and the other vegeta, i don't see the baby vegeta.. i have installed on esf/models/players
  6. B

    Need Help Badly!!

    Ive been looking for the esf baby edition model pack 1.8 for a few days and I cant seem to find it anywhere:cry:... This is my last resolution so plz can someone help me find it... post me a link if you do.. thx in advance:D
  7. Damaera

    Train hits baby in stroller.. and survives.

    Article: (Video of the incident is shown in the article, by the way.) I'm shocked, it's truly a miracle that the baby lived.
  8. Disguise

    GT: Baby + Sacred Water = win?

    I just started watching GT for some map ideas, and I was watching the fight with Baby. Why... oh why... didn't they use the Sacred Water on Vegeta? That would've had Baby beat instantly.
  9. Deathshot

    iPhone's Baby Shaker

    I have to say I am happy I didn't pay for this.... They took it off the Shop anyway.
  10. J

    Back in action baby, woo!

    Topic = why our old spam thread failed. your answer must be at least 5 words long, and contain a euphamism.
  11. Almighty_Gir

    Back in action baby, woo!

    Topic = why our old spam thread failed. your answer must be at least 5 words long, and contain a euphamism.
  12. Prozac

    Hail to the scruff, baby

    Cause it's his birthday. Show some respect! Happy birthday scruffy!
  13. M

    Whats good? IM back baby!

    Haha whats good everyone. Its been 2 years since i played and i decided to come back. I heard that 1.2 is like dead now because of the beta 1.3. Honestly I think people should come back. Aka Everyone i played wit back in the day in 1.2. Been out the scene awhile and **** has changed. Wheres...
  14. SS4 Gogeta

    NASA Finds The Baby Boom Galaxy
  15. Zeonix

    Why Don't You Love Me, Baby? While this story is wholly uninteresting at first glance, the results of their experiment does raise an interesting question. That question, of course, being "Is morality hardwired into us or something taught by outside forces?". I'm of the...
  16. sub

    Taste the Rainbow, baby

    Can you taste it?
  17. Suh Dude

    Cole train baby!

    Lol, I thought ESF was dead... but anyways don't kill me. I also haven't touched Photoshop for months, but I still got some skill, had to use some renders from Planet Renders, so yeah. o_o
  18. M

    Mario Claims to Be Father of Anna Nicole's Baby

    Controversy surrounding Anna Nicole Smith?s death has taken the world by storm. And now the story is about to get a bit more interesting for gamers. Mario, a man who took the world by storm twenty years ago with the never-ending Super Mario Bros. franchise, has claimed to be the father of...
  19. Kaination

    First person action, baby ;)

    What I'm thinking is when you go into first person, have it so when you swoop, an animation of hands come out in front of you, or when you charge an attack, you can see the glow on the right side or something. And when you enter Melee, you can see an animation of hands :D Simple, but would...
  20. CM

    My new baby!

    Dubbed "AoE3 Killer" Case • Raidmax Samurai-908 Gaming Case w/420W Power Supply Blue Case Lighting Power Supply • Standard Case Power Supply Processor • [939-pin] AMD® Athlon-64 FX-55 CPU w/ Hyper Transport Technology Free Software/Game • Free Half Life 2 Download Coupon Free...