1. Skyrider

    Steam Mobile App for iOS & Android

    It's closed beta. However, when logging in using the app; you'll be added to the invite list. It's possible to login on your mobile and stay logged in on your home system as well. It syncs all the messages both...
  2. Nemix

    Android 17 Reference Please

    Many know me as making Model "Edits". Well that's about to change, can someone please give me or make references for Android 17. I want to make my own model from scratch. Thank you.
  3. Sicron

    You suck at speaking foreign languages? Get an Android! That's pretty awesome actually. Obviously, while not perfect just yet, it's a step closer to those language translating modules you see in Sci-Fi series.
  4. Nemix

    Cheap Android Phone STORY

    Ok... my phone broke (Sony Ericsson W760i) and my brother's phone broke a long time ago too (LG KU250 ?? not sure) and we went today to a GSM where they repair phones sadly only the Sony Ericsson can be repaired. I'll throw the LG away or sell it for spare parts. On Wendsday my brother has to go...
  5. Nemix

    Android 17

    I've rigged a Old Zeq2 Model that got released on their forums. I've replaced Android 18 with it. I've seen that A18 has Destructo Disc but has no Animation so I'll do that animation but I don't know how this is called. If someone woulde be kind enough to give me the lines for the QC so i...
  6. king_boo_boo666

    Character/s Suggestions: Android 19 & 20

    Hey, I had a pretty kool character suggestion for either ESF 1.2.3 or 1.3. My idea as you can imagine was to add both Android 19 & 20 with there various attacks from the show. Android 19 & 20 Stats: Starting PL: 2,000,000 (weaker than 17 & 18 but stronger than Goku or Vegeta) Attacks...
  7. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PotW: Android 16 Caught a Big Fish

    My apologies for the late potw.. But a certain person *coughDaltecough* failed to read his forum private messages for me to put up the right PotW. That's right, this one wasn't the one intended to be posted for this week.. So, rather than waiting for next week, I might as well add the unofficial...
  8. UltraVegetto2

    Android 13 model

    Hey what's up I wanted to ask you if someone could create an Android 13 model for me Thank's your UltraVegetto2
  9. Damaera

    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format

    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">POTW</span></strong> <a href="" target="_blank" title="POTW/Particle System - Mod DB"><img...
  10. Damaera

    Android 17, 10 Years of Half-Life, Coders Meeting, Status Update

    Android 17, 10 Years of Half-Life, Coders Meeting, Status Update <div>Hello, everybody! Welcome to another weekly update! We have a lot to cover today, so let's get started!</div><div> <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Picture of the Week</span></strong></div><div><a...
  11. Damaera

    Android 16, Forums, Status update

    Android 16, Forums, Status update <div><strong><div><strong>Picture of the Week</strong> <a href="" target="_blank" title="POTW - Mod DB"><img src="" alt="POTW" /></a>...
  12. G

    Android 16 - My style D:

    Front Side Just a test design I'm working on during breaks from working on other projects. I also thought Android 16 was missing something when watching DBZ... you know you have this huge dude and he can only take his lower arms off? imo, nothing says Fear me like 2...
  13. Skyrider

    Movie of The week :: Android 18 Motion Capture

    Enjoy this Android 18 Idle Motion Capture. The real person standing there is MastaSurf, which has been done when we (Ready, Harsens, Me, Masta) have met some time ago. This is a Streamed video, you can either view it online or download it if you wish to do so.
  14. Enix

    Super Android 17 (skinning)

    Clipseh made this awhile ago and I told him I would skin it, but ducked out cause I got lazy. But I got some inspiration and free time so I am taking another wack at it.
  15. veqeta

    Anyone Know the name of the android 16 theme?

    the song that plays when the camera is focused on android 16 through the android and cell saga. if anyone could tell me that would be great.
  16. Eclipse

    Super Android 17 [WIP]

    Since I "finished" the model I am going to make a new thread for just the model. I hope to start skinning him soon, if that doesn't turn out how I like it, I will enlist some help or something, haha. Crits are welcome, and yes I plan to release this for ESF. Reference:
  17. VideoJinx

    Android Vegeta Video

    I started this video before the Brolly video. Please enjoy and tell me what everyone thinks. By the way, sory for being so lazy near the end of the video. Click Here to View
  18. Neon

    Android 18

    This is my first *good* model. I've attempted modeling in the past with many failed results.. I like this one though. Crits and comments please. By the way, I am fully aware that it is too high poly, which shall be fixed later on.. Thanks David for the refs ;)
  19. SA_Gohan

    Android 18

    Changed threads because speed no longer applies to the amount of time it was taking me to finish >_>; All but done; I just have to connect the hair, then I can move on to Uv'ing and rigging, which I'll probably save for after the weekend. Currently sitting at 3410 polygons, and the total...
  20. D

    Anyone know where i can find a android 19 or android 20 model?

    Hey does anyone know if theres a site that has a android 19 or android 20 model?