1. A

    Android 17 and Android 18

    I think that android 17 and 18 were a big part of DBZ and I think that these two new characters if introduced to ESF would be a great addition to ESF. I would be playin as android 17 since I thought he was one of the coolest looking characters in DBZ imo. Goku and the others are up there too but...
  2. Rayna

    Android Pride

    Here's my new sigger: And matching avatar: Coments welcome
  3. S

    Android 17 WIP sorry for the poor render >_< am not use to rendering in max>_< err what to say.. modeled in max thats it really heh C&C welcome
  4. S

    Android 17!!!!

    i got some plans for him 17 attacks: melee kiblast generic beam/ball energie field or something like that(first charge and then hurt and push all people surrounding him) ?????? ?????? transformations: super 17 trans at 2.000.000 pl x2 (i havent seen dbgt)
  5. C

    Android 18 (wo0ot!)

    Android 18 (Any skinners interested?) Well, here's my new Android 18 model. The skin is cheap right now, I'm going to work more on that later, unless someone else wants to try their hand at this. For the smoothshaded model or skinmaps, check this out:
  6. E

    Android 18

    I can't seem to find any android 18 models anywhere. Does anybody know where to get an android 18 model from? If there are none, can anybody make it please? Evo412
  7. P

    Android 17

    I need all models of Android 17
  8. M

    Android 18, finally...

    here's an android 18 wip i started earlier today. I am never going through the hell whole of making that hair again. Just thinking about it freaks me out. By the way, what looks like there's a whole through her ear, there isn't. Just some sorta rendering issue. I also have no idea who she...
  9. U

    Android 18, Where is she?

    are there any android 18 models yet? if there are plz give me a download link
  10. I

    android 17 wip *again*

    creditz to tweek special thnx to dan
  11. S

    android 19

    i was looking for pics of dbz chars and i found a pretty good pic of android 19. so im making him. boots pants and belt done so far. 464 polies
  12. L

    Android 18 w00t w00t

    I think they should add 18# She makes me get dirty. :cool:
  13. Z

    warriors of destiny : android 17

    go to : www.we.don' then go to gallery there it wil be the site is mostly offline cous were stil working on it * *Let's change that URL into an IMG, ok? ~Sonic Boyster* *
  14. P

    My Android (i'm 12 yrs old)

    My Creation (i'm 12 yrs old) Ok i made this picture. What do u all think about it? Please rate it and critz my drawings.
  15. S

    cant find 17

    hi i have been looking for an android 17 model o_o but i do know tere is one i was about to download it but i had no interrests, but now i am starting my own saga server im not telling you what that is just come to that server and youll see. i just want to download 17 and i saw a 17 in...
  16. S

    Android 17 and 18

    First of all , my first post so Hiya all :) Iv been looking around for a good android 17 and 18 model , after hours of reading on the forum and looking around i found a model of #17 (still gotta test it) , and talk about a Android Pack been made by -S-Bolt--, but that threat was from a...
  17. Logan4434

    android 17 release

    well i was gonna do 2 more trans animations but i have no time to do is gonna release his skin as well i have already told him he could.well it replaces gohan for now.if i find free time ill make it for pro or....just let pro do it(his idea ;D )enjoy :)...
  18. Nuttzy

    super android 13, calling all skinners

    well a few people told me they were goin to put him ingame, and to my knowledge never did, im tired of getting requests for him so im going to release him, ive got im ingame, assigned properly with a set of animations heres a short video clip...
  19. Optional

    esf_118mountains ?

    looks cool but 1 question... esf_highway or esf_118mountains? esf_highway is what it says in the thumbnail, esf_118mountains is what it says in the actual full size pic
  20. B

    fixed up 18

    MORE PICS HERE well, ive cleaned up my hd today and found some "old" things like this android 18, i fixed up the model (head, hands and arms) and reskinned some parts (skirt, some small things on belt and boots and fixed the veryvery rinkly shirt (its now less rinkly :p) i also updatezd...