1. B

    AIM is flickering...

    So I got my new laptop, and AIM is flickering. I was wondering if anyone else ever had that problem. It's nothing important, just kind of annoying. If anyone has any idea what it could be that'd be great. Thanks.
  2. Kaination

    Aim Icon = blue?

    Yeah, why is the new AIM Icon blue? Shouldn't it be yellow? Just wondering.
  3. -Origin

    Aim for the Stars

    I'm starting to like the pen tool. Never really used it that much, but it allows for some cool stuff. I cropped this one into a signature since I like it myself. Tell me what you think. :scared:
  4. Chakra-X

    Fullmetal Alchemist Meets AIM

    My brother showed me this Fullmetal Alchemist spoof on deviantart which pokes fun on AIM conversations, pretty funny =D
  5. SaiyanPrideXIX

    AIM Alternatives

    I recently reformatted my computer and its running really great. Before the format I had a dated version of AIM with the DeadAIM plugin (from back before the guy decided to start charging money for it--yes, I was that far out of date). I need a new IM client but I have absolutely NO interest...
  6. Suh Dude

    New aim virus!

    There is a chain mail message thats sending and making people send out a pic. I think this should be right here instead of the Tech forum. Example of the virus or Message: DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!! *UNKNOWN*: LOL LOOK AT HIM [email protected] Just remember the url...
  7. Suh Dude

    Don't aim Poppers at your leg.

    I'm recovered. The guy who ran me over paid for my crap he did to me. Good thing we didn't have to go to court. The guy was so nice, he gave me 100 dollars because he felt sorry for me. Anyways... My friend gave me a party poppers, the ones you pull and stuff shoots out paper . Well, I had a...
  8. Suh Dude

    Your Opinion on AIM

    Well, I only used AIM once before, but I've got spammed. and ect. I was wondering if the newer AIM installs hidden spyware or registerys? My dad once used it, and damn he got like 300 objects after he installed it.
  9. Tsunami

    A Must Read for AIM Users, AOL Alters AIM Terms of Service

    What this means is that AOL/Time Warner can take any/all your conversations and reproduce it (in all forms of media), claim it as theirs, and promote it. Thusly, you waive all right to private conversations. :/
  10. Amitron

    Why do computers make everything so stressfull? (Pertaining to AIM)

    Alright so i'll just say what I need help with to begin with. My computer won't let me sign on my AIM name and it's been this way for only my name. The other names on my computer sign in with ease. So what's going on? How can I fix this annoyance? *BTW, it worked fine until a couple hours...
  11. FreeDoM

    Msn or AIM users!

    Anyone ever hear the MSN/AIM message comfirmation sounds so much that you hear it when you're not even on the computer? Just a wierd thought, it happens to be all the time!
  12. The_Forgotten

    AIM, MSN, Yahoo, or ICQ?

    Whats your favorite of them? I personally like AIM...It will own you... 41|\/| 0\/\/|\|S Y0|_| If you can read that, you do not need glasses.
  13. warboy

    E3 aim room

    a E3 aim room called VGForce E3 party is hosting big chat room if you want to talk about E3 and Esf. hosted by
  14. U

    SSJ4 Veggie Chan --> AIM STALKER! O_O

    SSJ4 Veggie Chan: Hi. Are you there? TE Bologna: -_- SSJ4 Veggie Chan: lol SSJ4 Veggie Chan: ok SSJ4 Veggie Chan: i need to ask u something TE Bologna: ok SSJ4 Veggie Chan: can u do any of the following TE Bologna: ... TE Bologna: are u serious? SSJ4 Veggie Chan: code in C++ for half...
  15. D


    does anyone have aim that is a modeler/skinner or a mapper? plz tell me cuz i got some questions ok PEACE
  16. KilledWithStyle

    found out why: Guided beams home/go into direction you didn't aim them to

    Ok first of all charge a beam while holding jump and while flying. Now while your flying upwards press forward and fire the beam. This seems to work more when in ESF Guru and when your looking at certaion angles. wish i could help more, but i think hte best example would be this: fire a beam...
  17. E

    gmax help...i just got it and i cant understand it

    im trying to make brolli and does gmax skin it or do i just make the ploy thingy and i need some help also my aim is ss5krillingoku
  18. Kreshi

    Gogeta VIP2!!!!!!!

    hm............ i am very angry now!!! ;( and sad too :( S-Bolt-- why did you closed my thread? you had not any reason to close it!!!!! ;( :( :cry: What do i wrong, or what do a other person wrong? NOTHING!!! And why should i not be allowed to use "pics" from other models to make my own...
  19. dudeman


    i tried out some new stuff and made this: havent done any graphics for quite a long while.. so my skills have sunken a lil.. but im backing up :) as usual.. crits, comments welcome :)
  20. I

    goten model

    the gohan model didnt look too good.. so im starting on my second model which will be goten... it looks good to me so far since its my second model ever.. well enjoy