1. DracoHeart

    Advance Melee Tweaks

    The melee should last longer instead of punching for few times and then both players gets knocked off. They should only get knocked off when one player threw a successful strong attack. In this way more people will use medium and light punch. During a melee battle, there should be some special...
  2. N

    Uhm, my advance options are strange..

    uhm this may sound a bit noobish but, yeah whatever.. How come when everytime i config my advance options (like enabling mp3 and choosing beam quality etc.) and restart esf, all of the things I changed and enabled (in advance options) has been reset?? (like mp3 aren't enable anymore etc.)...
  3. S

    Advance meele help

    For this advance melee is it possible that when your swooping to hold down right click so that you can kick or punch like in 1.1, be good for all us n00bs out there. lol sP
  4. C

    advance melee Q/suggetion

    i was just wondering for the melee is when u get ur arrows for to attack and dodge if the person dodge's do they get to counter attack with an attack and the other gets to dodge and if the other dodges they get to attack again so it is a bit more like dbz so u can get a big battle going ??. just...
  5. S

    Advance Melee

    Is it just me or does this new system look so bad ass sweet! I just watched that video and it makes this game much better cause its actually like fighting.
  6. Z

    sonic advance esf mod

    hi im thinking of making a sonic mod for esf like eea or watever its caled dunno. but i want to make a addon for esf that just changes the chars sprites a.o. this wil include thease models : sonic tails amy knuckles shadow rouge robotnic/cheese ( dont know witch one jet) i dont know...
  7. Sicron

    "Advance" Explosions

    i think when some attacks (liek Kamehameha, and Final Flash and Big Bang attack) should have a bit bigger explosions (not to big, or it would be spammed) and stay longer, and when u fire that attack ull get a bit bigger explosion then normal and a flash, for 1 second just like in the show, when...
  8. Goten-son

    Modellers help

    Hey i just recently started modeling (i have nothing yet lol) i have a few questions i need a little help on (not sure if this should go here or help and if it should be in help one mod please move it) any way, i would rather talk to someone on AIM or MSN. If you can help please either PM or...
  9. NinJa HunteR

    Question About 3dsmax.....

    The question is... Can i model for ESF with 3dsmax 4.2 ? Thx in advance
  10. NinJa HunteR

    How can i get Models (.mdl) in 3dsmax?

    Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum..if so... move it plz How can i get models(.mdl) in 3ds max 4.2 (3d Studio Max) Thx in advance
  11. Ace_69

    Model Programs

    I'm looking into making my own models, can anyone tell me where to get some programs on the net? Thanks.
  12. Ness

    A problem

    I made a map,I compiled the .bsp file, it appears on the maplist on ESF, but wen i try 2 run it, It comes up with an HL has performed an illegal operation. Plz help!!thnx in advance
  13. V

    The file that you have tried to attach is too big. The maximum size is 10240 bytes.

    Sorry but i don't know in which category this belongs. But Why i cant upload my OWN avatar ? he always gives this error The file that you have tried to attach is too big. The maximum size is 10240 bytes. What is this ? If some1 would be so cool to help me :laff: Thx in advance !! :cool...
  14. T

    Cell Saga Teen Gohan Model Request

    Hey guys, i thought about putting this in request thread but no one reads that so here goes, i was wondering if there are any cell saga gohans out there, not ones that go from ssj to ssj2, but ones that go from normal to ssj1, not to be a ***** but ESF's default one is a peice of **** so if...
  15. Rebirah


    I dont know if im suppost to post here.. but here goes Ok well I have a scanner and It pre scans, but when I slick scan it says like scan failed right when I click it Scanner: Plustek optic pro 600p OS: XP Home I have a really good drawing I wanna show yall but it wont scan :( Thank...
  16. Jayster


    can someone make me a Wolverine model for HL Heroes? Wolverine in his movie attire (his fighting x men suit in the movie) Thanks inadvance
  17. Lone Wolf

    3Dsm help...

    Can anyone tell me how to put MAPS onto your freakin object? >.< Ive tried but I couldnt get it.... Example: I made a plane, put displaced it... added noise... and yea... thats about all... I go to the Materials Edietor... and find a map... I chose Evrgren2. But all the buttons are grey and...
  18. V

    Goku Gt !

    ok i searched the forums so dont say use the search button :p But im realy searching for a GOKU GT model.. and i cant find any !!!:cry: So if some1 has a good GOKU GT model then can you please send it to me ? Thnx in advance !
  19. Masibu

    Request: Yamcha Pack

    Hey, i am after a yamcha pack, including model, sound and sprites (yes i already know there is a model out) can anyone make one? thx in advance... the only sprite u would need to make is a wolf fang fist one, and the little icon could be the blue wolf thing (like in DBZ budokai)
  20. Lone Wolf

    Image ready help :p

    Does anyone know how to make text or layers revolve? Like spin around in circles... Ive tried tween... but it make my text fade instead of spin... If theres any way to do this, please help :D If no one is able to... ok... Ill try again later... hopefully Ill get it sometime... Thanks in advance...