1. B

    Need Help Badly!!

    Ive been looking for the esf baby edition model pack 1.8 for a few days and I cant seem to find it anywhere:cry:... This is my last resolution so plz can someone help me find it... post me a link if you do.. thx in advance:D
  2. V

    ESF 1.3 final version when ?

    Hello I have 2 questions 1. This mod will be the HL1 or HL2 2. Very my a like binding the mod graphics, etc. I am in shock you are geniuses, one knows when this game comes out Final 100% so years approximately ? If there was such a topic in advance apologize.
  3. V

    Disable advance melee?

    I know some will say I'm noob for that, but with a *** who just spams advanced over and over and it cant be blocked, like flash flash revolution... every 10 seconds, Or to put it in terms so you can understand the frustration, Its like your dog or little brother is pushing pause every 10...
  4. gildiaswise

    Advance melee!

    ok perhaps this is a good idea :yes: You have to swoop into enemy like current version (no prepunch) you automaticaly aim after you hit them with swoop. You have a 10 seconds to do a combo of punches kicks and teleports. It's kinda confusing but i'll try to explain it in the example :p Punch -...
  5. john_volkov

    an other advance melee ideea

    Butons: LMB - Left Mouse buton Teleport Block To enable advance melee just hold LMB near an enemy,eider swoop or just stand near him.During this you will enter in a auto combo , you will start a combo, dealing dmg , the defender can do 2 thing to defend, eider Teleport out of the combo...
  6. john_volkov

    Best Simple Advance melee

    Butons = L-Click - for advance melee R-click - for advance melee combos Teleport Block Oki first of how to perfome an advance melee. You need to swoop into the enemy holding L-click.Once you hit the enemy ,bouth the attacker and the defender will start hiting each other.Then a Power Strugle...
  7. john_volkov

    an other advance melee ideea

    butons need it LMB - left mouse buton Teleport Block Oki here goes.First off you need to swoop into an enemy depending of the distantce it it's a high distance you will start to do a long combo if it's a small distance you will do a smaler combo.During that combo you will start dealing...
  8. john_volkov

    Easy to use advance melee

    here goes: First of to start an advance melee you will need to swop into the enemy to start the fighing.When you swop in the enemy bouth players will start hiting each other, then the strugle barr will appear on the screen , when the bar apperas you can start hiting, a small delay of 2 sec or...
  9. john_volkov

    Advance melee sugestion

    well here goes Butons Left Mouse buton (LMB) COMBO Right Mouse Buton (RMB) Hit BLOW Block (Q) Arrows (<^>V) Douge Teleport Here goes you swoop into the enemy and you Start the advance melee sesion , first thing you do a small stun so that the advance melee can begin. So the...
  10. LionHeart

    advance melee sprite

    so could anyone make a code or a amxx plugin something like that i can put in esf so that in advance melee a spark is between the 2 players (like 2 models with swords fighting both hitting and spark is between them that goes on and off, i'll just take care of the animations so both fighters...
  11. PiXel

    Esf News Discuss - 18 Jul 2006 - New members Advance melee

    Hmmm the advance melee sounds promising but in main it changes only in a few. i really odnt have any opinon about that, do you? although congratz you 2 , happy working in esf =) though i never though a concept artist would be able to join that team, but owell. Discuss: Should the...
  12. Z

    Problem With Advance Melee

    Any time that a opponent attacks me in advance melee, my camera view goes berserk on the very top of the map. When i attack a enemy in advance melee, i see the guy getting punched, but my character is faded out an unable to be seen wile doing this. I thought this was just suppose to happen until...
  13. $sj Goku


    Holy crap... I was thinking how adv melee could be improved when it hit me. OK imagine this... Me an someone just engaged in adv melee an were goin at it in adv melee.. when someone else comes an flies into our ever growing bubble.. now that he's joined in the energy bubble now gets...
  14. D


    can soeon make aplugin when you fight on the gruond in advance melee rocks and dust around you??is it posable?(my english sux)
  15. imkongkong

    Advance Melee Combo Ideas

    If the team is ever planning to implement more combos, i have some ideas of what could happen in the combos. One type of combo will show that person teleporting and doing different hits to his opponent. Another could be throwing ki blasts. Piccolo, Krillin, and MAYBE Tien could have a...
  16. imkongkong

    advance melee super tweaks!

    the advance melee is a really good idea, im serious =p it's just that imo doesn't last long and is very short, then you're knocked back far away so the current system is: 1. you input your attacks and wait for yourself to attack. 2. at the end of the input, your attacks are then...
  17. imkongkong

    Blocking advance melee and using ki blasts in melee

    when you're holding block and someone prepunches you, it should be changed. The other player can set up a combo for you to receive, but there person whoever was holding block should not have this happen since he was blocking. instead of the other player being able to do a combo, you should...
  18. B

    Help with advance melee.

    During advance melee when somebody hits me my screen starts moving violently and i see the outside of the level and i cant counterattack them or block, can someone please help me and if I have to download it again so be it.
  19. imkongkong

    new advance melee suggestions - read

    i think melee has very good points to it. the combos, the struggles. i'm suggesting a new way of doing melee, which is very smiliar to the advance melee at the moment. when someone swoops at someone he would do 5 prepunches. you would then be ready to do melee. The ki ball would cover...
  20. sayan master

    advance beam strugle (or B/S)

    hi u'all what u say about an advance beam strugle what i mean is actualy that when a player is in a BS with some1 else he will be able to add 1 more weaker beam to make the beam stronger and rais his chances to win BS to do this it will coast the playe KI that can be very prectios in a BS...