1. Soulicro

    Battle for 3rd place in Sig tourny.

    Fellow judges, post your opinions. Fellow posters, well, post your opinions as well :] Sooo... I was thinking, lets have a battle for the 3rd place in the sig tourney! The battle will take place between Ryoko and GFK. If you want it to happen, I see no reason why it wouldnt. Post your...
  2. M

    Installing 3rd party mods.

    Hey im new to this mod and i just wanted to ask a few questions. I play counter-strike, and it works fine with steam, no problems what so ever. Will installing a 3rd party mod such as this affect cs in any way or possibly steam not working. If so please let me know thanks.
  3. U

    3RD PERSON DEMOS?!?!?!?

  4. R

    3rd Trans Buu Attack Suggestion - what u think?

    Alright, I was watching A Whole New Gohan episode today on my computer (best episode by the way) and I noticed something that Buu did, and maybe it could be a new attack for him in 1.3 if he has a new trans. Remember when gohan deflects his mouthbeam after he throws him into the mountain? Right...
  5. M

    3rd transformation???

    When will be new transformations? o_o :confused: Maybe in 1.3 ? :confused: ?
  6. U

    3rd Person Demos

    Is it possible ? if so how?
  7. U

    3rd Person Demos

    I want to make Music Videos with this mod but I can't make demos in the 3rd Person View! I suggest that be an option plus it would make better demos because you can see the person who is making the demo in action to.
  8. M

    3rd trans and gohan

    I like Shin Carl's idea about the pl's, its realistic and lengthens the game time, sure the guys online wont like it too much for they might just get to the second trans before the game ends, but the guys that lan will love it for atm, after perfect trans, theres nothing to aspire to and gets...
  9. Nano

    Gohan reskin

    I have found a good model but i dont know who's model it is. Anyway i reskinned it and now its looks like this Plz tell me want you think of it! :yes: :no:
  10. S

    my 3rd model but first serius one

    well i have already made 2 models but never finished them and they werent that good either so ill try again tho its 5 months since my last attempt heres my super buu the start of it at least and it will take alot of time to complete since i only have about 15 minuttes a day for it. is it...
  11. H

    War of Genesis WP poll

    which is best: http://members.lycos.co.uk/foowa/hpbimg/WOG.jpg - http://members.lycos.co.uk/foowa/hpbimg/wog2.jpg - http://members.lycos.co.uk/foowa/hpbimg/WOG3.jpg
  12. Y

    3rd transformations

    A bright future for ESF beta 2.0!!! Have real set of 3rd transformations!!! It would work perfectly considering that every charactor in ESF acually has at least 3 transformations in the acuall seies!! Well.. maybe not krillin =\, BUT FORGET ABOUT HIM! It would be very nice to have a whole sett...
  13. Ness

    Wot Ultimate Saiyan said

    Ultimate Saiyan has a point Magus, u misunderstood; he didnt mean ESF shud add Goku 4 and Chibi Goku, he ment make it so wen u transform to ur downloaded model ie SSJ4 he can hav different sounds eg, Chibi Goku sounds ->SSJ4 sounds (10 fold Kamehame) eg2, Evil Boo->Kid Boo (Evil Buu spoke...
  14. NightShade

    my bday june 3rd wooot 24 hours :)

    I beat some n00b sap to posting a happy bday to me :) Now i have a prob... My dad is paying for me to go anywhere i want in the world. Plus 5k on the side to spend on things Now the thing is. Where to go? I was thinking vegas since it is my 21st bday. I need a place that...
  15. DBZFever

    Some help with this model plz

    Hey, i am making a model, it will not be released, its just for my learning purposes, i have the back, side, and front done. I was just wondering how to connect them all and make it 3d, please please please do not tell me to read a tutorial.
  16. L

    1st or 3rd?

    what do u use 1st or 3rd person? (p.s. where did the 2nd person stay?)
  17. B0Bmaster40000

    3d wallpapers

    heres a few wallpapers (or more appropriatly: scenes) that i made a while ago in 3dsmax. just thought i'd show them to ya, and see what you think. - twisted hall: this one, i saw a pic years ago in another 3d program that was in the helpfile, i just remade it from memory and warped it a bit...
  18. AscendantSaiyan

    3rd team

    maybe this has been suggested b4. but im sure you'll tell me :) we all know the spectator team bug, what you gotta think is...would it be that bad to have a third team? perhaps a cvar to enable or disable it? think about it....no other mod i can think off has a 3 team game mode. in...
  19. S

    frieza or buu

    does anyone have frieza form three or super or kid buu? if you do can you please give me a link? thanx:)
  20. RedSaiya

    The 3rd Eye

    ok i know i am not a mod but i think that you must close this thread i will realy thank a mod if he can close this thread.