1. U

    I need Help installing esf please jeez 3rd post can someone help

    Am going to be detailed as possible so people can understand. 1.I have installed stream i have an account name and password 2.I bought half-life one off the stream page for 9.99 okay. 3.i played a multiplayer game and single player game and saved the game 4.i turned of stream and...
  2. VideoJinx

    President Bush For A 3rd Term?

    So.. I'm pretty sure many of us are glad Bush is going to be relieved from his offices duties fairly soon.. or will he? After talking to some CS:S buds I was hit with new knowledge that I never even thought about. Bush could declare war(martial law), and get another Term. The odds are very...
  3. Mr.Lukyas

    What a hell is 3rd mod party

    When I want to join a game in STEAM, this poops up! What is it?
  4. Enix

    Sarutobi [3rd hokage]

    Been showing this in the simple render thread, but it's almost done. I'm putting it in TS later, although its not meant for it, was just for fun.
  5. G

    Dragonball Z Is Back July 3rd 2007

    yes and i mean it just check on this http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2000-06-21/toonami-lineup
  6. Kaination

    Notebooked the 3rd

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/371035 Me and my friend made this flash. He animted, and i did the scientist voice. The movie is taking god forsakenly long to get out of judgement, might you all spare a 5? :D
  7. E

    3rd Amxx plugin

    Ok here's my 3rd one... What I did in here is actually upgrading to Block SSJ pluging. So the changes in it are: -Can choose how many times transformation is allowed ( good with trans mod's where u trans more then just once) -Disable Transformation by Class -Disable Transformation by Type...
  8. S

    HELP!! 3rd Mod party

    Hi i have a big problem !! When i try to connect to the server ESF display there show me this sentense You do not have this 3rd party mod installed !!:cry: HELP
  9. Dokutayuu

    2nd or 3rd Attempt at new sig in 30 minutes

    Hello everyone, it's been a few months but I slapped these in 30 minutes. Have I improved? Paint.NET updated so I could do more stuff...
  10. |Overlord|

    Corrupt a wish.... for the 3rd time

    Well, title says all. For those people that don't know how to play the game let me post an little example below: The guy that posts above you makes a wish, example : I wish for control over the universe you corrupt it with your own interpritation or your own view on his wish, in this case...
  11. Zedge

    ehm.. 2nd 3rd transformation

    Ehm.. i got to my 2nd 3rd transformation... I got that EvolutionX from the esf-word... and my char's look like **** at lvl 2-3.. they're just little red blocks.. :)).. funny.. but.. sad..... i tryed goku & veggeta... they both turn into blocks... can u like.. help me or smth... :smile:
  12. E

    3rd combo

    There are 2 known hidden combos ( punching one and rolling one ), I know that both, but that's not what this thread is about. I have heard rumours that there is hidden 3rd combo. You can also check that in your normal ESF goku. He has ref_combo_3 and ref_combo_3_hit animations. Also...
  13. K

    Ahm.. 3rd time.

    Magnus.. you are pretty much abusing your moderating powers. there was nothing offensive or insulting in that thread. and you just close it and shut up people.. in my opinion you know that this thread could become a big thread that will give players the place to say what they think about...
  14. Tsunami

    3rd Gundam SEED Destiny intro....*spoiliers*

    Found a nice set of pics of the new intro, and.....well...........just look........ http://img191.exs.cx/img191/9679/destiny67dx.jpg
  15. RavenTrunks

    my 3rd sig, getting better...

    yeah this is my 3rd thing cooked up from photoshop. whatcha think?
  16. Kaination

    Favorite 3rd party game...

    Hence the name, favorite 3rd party game (such as The Specialists, Natural Selection, Hostile Intent, etc.) (besides esf :D :P) Mine would probally have to be.... Vampire Slayer.
  17. The Taco Man

    Trunks 3rd Transformation

    Trunks ->ssj trunks ->ussj trunks this is pretty much a gimme. Although in the anime trunks acheives a form more powerfull than Ussj (Ussj2?) which i belive should be added into the game at 1.3. PPl say "Oh no the anime has inconsistencies!" so here is a line from the f-ing MANGA that...
  18. I

    3rd eye vision

    well was fooling around with photoshop today.. just to see if i can still work it, made a sig.. ehh im happy with it i guess... im usually never happy with any of my work but here it is
  19. Denz

    Krillin's 3rd transformation

    the 3rd trans is realy simple u can make him like an old guy with mustach (or what ever its spelled) just look at my sig and vote p.s. I was planing to put this idea in2 my mod but its going nowhere so here u go esf use it....or not.
  20. A

    Naruto's 1st Movie & Inuyasha's 3rd Movie

    You can download the movie trailers here. Naruto Anime Movie Trailer http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/b-bansen/movie/movie_item02.html (Wide Screen Format) Inuyasha Movie 3 Trailer http://kikouyous.web.free.fr/inuyasha_video.htm Neither movies have been released yet, but will...