1. LionHeart

    My 1st comercial

    LOL I R DO NOT LEGAL THINGS What do you think?
  2. +HottsaucE@+

    buu/human body 1st model

    hello people, this is my first model. i followed most of eclipses tutorial. then i just went from there. the body is a humans body not buus. i changed a few things around aswell. im not sure on how to add arms or legs yet, total pollys : 1274 most stuff is like how it is for a purpose
  3. K

    here my 1st gotenks movie

    hi my gotenks movie please 0/10 ;) here http://www.myvideo.de/watch/1287204#feedback
  4. Ka1s3r_x

    1st Sprite

    I need serious cnc here plz to improve.:)
  5. +HottsaucE@+

    1st sig

    my 1st sig ive created ever using adobe adobe photshop. its not good but stil its my 1st. im not realy good in adobe photoshop either 7.0 :S edit: opps rong part of forum, can u plz move to sig part or what eva lol..
  6. Ka1s3r_x

    1st coloring!

    i want some serius cnc cause i want to improve :)
  7. .Guzzie.

    This Stupid Error,1st time...Need some help.

    Well basically this problem has been happening to people all around the ESF community. ESF loads up...it shows the picture of Vegeta kicking Piccolo,then it goes back to the desktop. Thats my problem.How the hell do you fix it.Im using steam etc etc. Even though I fixed the problem I want...
  8. U

    toguro 100% vs sauza vs frieza 1st form(triple match!!)

    the rule is simple (1)fireza cannot allow to transform or he would disqualify (2)sauza allow to use silent blade (3)toguro allow to use his maxium power(120%) who will win?
  9. AmoN

    My 1st Fractal evah

    pls C&C on my 1st fractal brush =)
  10. Bandock

    Earth Special Forces 5-year Anniversary (or close) since 1st Public Release

    I just thought that I would say something about it after I posted in another topic (when I realized that it has been close to five years ago since the first public alphas). Who has noticed that for those who has played and/or watched Earth Special Forces for nearly forever? Reason why I say...
  11. R

    My 1st complete model......

    .........as in 2006 that is....
  12. DannyLad

    1st Human Model

    Hello all, been a good while since I've made a topic about a model. Think the last one was about my M1A1 Thompson model :P Anyway, after doing weapons for a good while I wanted a break and thought i'd take my chance with characters. After speaking to Mad_AxMan on msn he helped me with a human...
  13. S

    Arcane - 1st Beta Picture

    Hi guys just thought I'd show you the first beta I've shown off regarding Arcane. Some of you may remember the dude from the modelling competition 3 hes in there. There are bugs galore so suggest stuff but don't make it obvious errors lol such as, bounding spheres, characters are miles in...
  14. -Blaze-

    1st time ssj trans

    will in esf 1.3 be trans like? : Goku - hair will go up and after 3 secs starts to glow like ssj hair - anyway like in show. Gohan - mabe make it like he's standing and he starts to glow, then turns aura and hes ssj :idea: . Trunks - make it like cyborg freeza saga. Vegeta - Falls on his...
  15. Volosity

    My 1st project in a while and i only have MSpain

    hello every 1 sry it this seems lame but i need somehelp making this look realistic or just shadowed and colored better, i made it on MS Pain *t* if some 1 could plz help me this is going on the back of my grandmaws grave and it's really special to me... thx PS: it's Elvis, she was a HUGE...
  16. Volosity

    My 1st Anime Music Video!!!!

    http://s41.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1SCBZAUZOTG8Q19RCJ5J21RL54 I just made this in about 30 min :D i like it hehe any 1 know where eles i can host it? that 1 doesn't last for too long :( 6.69 MB and the Movie is The return of Fusion, Song: Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You...
  17. SlasherMan

    My 1st attempt at a model

    I thought I'd try this modeling thing because I'll eventually have to take classes on it anyway. I tried to start off with SSJ3 Goku. I shoulda tried somethin easier than him but oh well. It's obviously not done but i think it's fairly decent for my first go at it. I know i screwed up the hair...
  18. SotL

    1st brushing attempt

    Nothing new to you guys but what can i say, im a newbie. I heard of brushing long ago but paid no attention to it as i havent really touched a graphics prog in a while. my first attempt using about 5 of the 40+ brushes i made the last few days. Should i keep it up or should i let it go?
  19. M

    1st, serious grundge from me.

    Newest sig, and it's my first true Grundge style sig, so go easy on me xD. Avatar Sig G&C are allways welcome.
  20. Azn|kid|

    1st model vegeta W.I.P

    Hi this is my 1st model after alot of practice. c&c :p now im off to sleep ;D frontview sideview