1. M

    Fatal error with steam installation

    Hello everyone! My name is Marcus. I first started playing ESF in my freshman year of high school about 9 years ago. I've recently been feeling the itch to check it out again, so I downloaded the necessary files and did my steam install. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem. The error I...
  2. C


    1st off, i think the way the installation works for packs, is TERRIBLE. Someone needs to pack everything into one simple, easy, installation with options. >.> I thought ESF was a little stable but that installation is pathetic for a game. I had to install the game, ecx rc2, then big pack...
  3. Sicron

    Windows 7/Vista installation problems

    I have posted this on the forums, the type of machine I am trying to install windows on is a Samsung R510, t5800, 9200M GS, 4GB of RAM. Now, in the mean while, I have been able to install Windows XP, and have been able to update the BIOS. Yet the problems with installing...
  4. Ezyy

    Help with installation

    Hello there, First of all i can tell you that i am Steamed and i have Half-Life part one which came out on 1998. About my problem now: When i try to install ESF1.2.3it says that :Directory is not valid or the version of installed game does not correspond. Any ideas what shud i do?
  5. H

    Help for installation.

    Hi all. I have download the esfb123 installer but i cannot install the mod. The problem is that the request istallation folder is c:\program files\steam\steamapps\mysteamuser\half-life but in my c:\program files\steam\steamapps\ folder I don't have anything like that...
  6. C

    Installation Problem

    Ok i downloaded Half-Life one on Steam and i downloaded ESF but when i press install it says i dont have the half-life folder how do i get that folder i downloaded both half-life's but it still says it i need help please help me
  7. A

    Installation HELP PLEASE

    Hi i recently downloaded esf v.123 and unfortuantly it will not install and what i mean is after i agree to the terms and policies i click next and then the destination is on my hard drive which has plenty of space but the install button will not high lite and wll now allow me to click on it to...
  8. N

    help with big pack and esf installation

    alrite i downloaded all esf 1.2.3 and exc rc2 and big pack 8.4, now do i extract the big pack into my CProgram Files\Steam\steamapps\fmott001\half-life\esf folder and then go to it and open the folder and click the setup icon and then when its installing and asks for a destination do i put it in...
  9. ravenX08

    Help with ESF installation

    I've download esf with some files. the problem is dont know what to install first. could someone help me what to do?? the package contains these files: ESF 1.2.3 EvolutionX Model Pack ECX RC1 and RC2 Big Pack 8.4 New Class plss help me im just a noob
  10. S


    I have half life (the original version). I started half life, so thats set. I went to filefront first following, it kept repeating that the download has failed. I then tried the members only download from moddb download, a direct download the installation would start and get to a certain point...
  11. D

    Hey i was wondering about installation

    i tried looking for a certain part but i was wondering is there a certain order cause i have the esf 1.23 full install the Ecx R1 and Ecx R2 and the Big pack 8.4 do i have to install esf offcourse than Ecx R1 and than Ecx R2 or Big pack 8.4 or doesn't matter... and if you can help me with that i...
  12. A

    ESF installation prob

    Hey folks! so my problem is installing ESF. i tried it several times and every time it says "ESF is already installed. would you like to deinstall it first?" I can choose if i want or not. if i choose "no" and the window where i can choose the destination folder im not able to press the...
  13. A

    Installation Problem - No Half-Life Directory

    Alright, for the most part, I'm a pretty intelegent individual. I went to install, and the "Install" button was greyed out. I looked at the path, and notice there was no "half-life" directory. So I went in and created it. I do have Half-Life installed. As well as Half-Life: Deathmatch and...
  14. F

    OS installation problems

    K, so I built a new computer as my christmas present. I put everything together and installed it, turned it on, and slapped in Windows XP home edition. It created a particion for me, and when it went to install the OS I get these errors: Error: SXS.DLL: Syntax error in manifest or policy...
  15. C

    installation wont work

    got a new comp and installed steam. trying to install esf 1.2.3 but when it shows the folder it needs to install to the install button isnt even available for me to push. been a while since i installed steam so im a little rusty. i read the post telling me how to install but the option isnt even...
  16. Kaination

    Kaination's AMXX/Plugin installation guide

    Since a couple of people lately have been asking for amxx help, I figured, why not make a topic about it :0 -- Step one: Go to the download section in and download the full install. Note: AMXX Installer type might change versions throughout time. Step two: Get done...
  17. A

    AMX installation can't choose character

    Are you using Steam? No Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? Yes Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? esf_corepowerlevel What game are you trying to install ESF into? half-life already installed played well before amx Are you behind a router or firewall? yes Are all your drivers...
  18. D

    Installation problems

    ok im just about pulling my hair out with this, i bought HL2 only to find out you only need the origonal HL1 to play esf so i installed HL2 anyways to get steam, i then installed HL1 from Half-Life Generations (all 4 games such as opposingforce, CS, and blueshift) but i only installed Half-life...
  19. M

    Installation Problems (Cs1.6)

    I have bought counterstrike 1.6 off steam, i also got Condition Zero although i have not downloaded it. 1. Have installed it to: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Account name\counter-strike So it is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Account name\counter-strike\esf It wont show up on...
  20. Suh Dude

    XIII Installation Problem?

    Okay, I found XIII at a cheap price, $5 at GameStop. Okay, when I install it, it gives me an error like "Missing File, input disc" and I have to do that and put the other disk. After that is over, I played the game. When it came the loading time in the game, it just exits out no where. I have no...
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