1. G

    Steam ESF 1.2.3 Server Problem

    Hello to ESF Fans i need your help i have steam and Half Life 1 on the steam 1)now i join in server it name is ECX RC1 RC2+AF and on steam it need to save on auto and on the first times i get in this server it save to me and after few days it not save me no i need to upgrade my PowerLevel...
  2. Mastasurf

    Steam Half-Life Sale

    Steam is having a sale on Linux supported titles to celebrate the launch of their new Steam Linux client. In case you don't already have a copy of Half-life on Steam you can pick one up for $2.50. I'm not sure if this is the same for those outside the US. Maybe someone can confirm...
  3. G

    A Request For Half Life 1 On Steam

    Hello everybody can someone give me a Half Life 1 On Steam my Username is:orraff10 i am a dragon ball fan and i wont to download this new downloads on steam like:Open Beta Final and Final (full) (sorry for bigging on the last Thread i am new and i dont know that) Tnx For Help Anybody
  4. G

    A Request For Half Life 1 On Steam

    Hello you guys can someone help me on send me a Half Life 1 to my steam Username:orraff10 i am a dragon ball fan and i wont to download the new ESF Final game Full and the Open beta on Half Life please i really need this Half Life on Steam who can help me is the best ever !!! please ...
  5. D

    Anyone willing to help a fellow gamer out? (HL1)

    So, here's the deal. I just recently lost my job and i've been dying to play this mod. I was wondering if there are any kind souls on this forum that are willing to gift HL1 to me on Steam. It's going for $9.99 right now! A little bit about myself: I'm 22 years old and I live in OR, USA...
  6. Eli

    About Steam and ESF

    I can't play ESF because I dont have half life on steam. Although I have it on CD but I can't link it to my steam account. I do have it installed on my PC but I don't seem to be able to play the mod. I can start the mod but as soon as I try to create a server for Lan it crashes. Please tell me...
  7. S

    Do I need Half-Live on Steam to use ESF

    Do I need half-life on steam? I have the legitimate half-life game that's in a box for PC that I haven't yet opened. I've had it for like 5 years now it's gonna come in use lool.
  8. Mkilbride

    New Steam update allows you to chosse where to install games!

    There was a third party program for that before, but it's now Official! Whoot!
  9. M

    Greenlight on Steam

    whether you are going to lay out your game in greenlight? i heard that they are can help to young developers or it's impossible?
  10. P

    ESF server without steam.

    Hi. i was wondering if you guys knew how to make a ESF server without steam. I mean when players connect they do not get the steam valdation rejected message. i wanna do that because im trying to host a server, but no one can join beacuse most of the players do not have real half life client...
  11. Gabriel

    Would ESF like to join Steam Greenlight?

    So this thing is on Steam where Games and Mods can be added to Steam, I saw that Cry of Fear (a HL1 Mod) is there too so why not add ESF Too?
  12. sub

    Steam Greenlight

    So Steam has launched Greenlight, which lets you vote on what games you want to be on Steam. 99.9 percent of these games look absolutely terrible. One guy submitted a text adventure
  13. S

    i am using cracked steam

  14. Deathshot

    Steam Greenlight

    Source: Valve really seems to be a company for the people. Inb4 Green Light for Half-life 3.
  15. The Deco

    Steam summer sale 2012?

    So why didn't it begin yet? any clues?
  16. Mkilbride

    [PCGamer] EA Senior VP criticizes Steam sales: “[...] Cheapens your intellectual prop ...What a complete idiot.
  17. Gabriel

    Steam bug?

    I have Steam and Windows 7 and I could see the Steam Icon in my taskbar before and after I installed ESF I see the ESF Icon instead the Steam Icon for Steam. Is this fixable?
  18. Kosherdog

    When is the next steam chat Q/A and live gameplay or stream?

    I missed the last steam chat q/a that was a long time ago, but the thought just crossed my mind again. I really want to be able to plan to see it this time! Thanks ^_^
  19. Skyrider

    Steam Mobile App for iOS & Android

    It's closed beta. However, when logging in using the app; you'll be added to the invite list. It's possible to login on your mobile and stay logged in on your home system as well. It syncs all the messages both...
  20. Z Power

    50% Off Steam Coupon for Indie game Xotic

    Let me know if anyone wants it.
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