crash report for the team - the conditions - (might be a link to the reason?)

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Jun 14, 2004
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well.. I know that most crashes are randoms and pplz cant seem to be able to pin point the cause of it

thus the esf coders are having a hard time isolate the problem

everytime my esf will crash I'll post in this thread the exact conditions of the situation of what happen,
others are welcom to do the same

well #1st - (by the order it took place):
a player joined my sever
I kicked a bot frieza
I didnt see him on the radar nor the score win
then, when I was about to approuch the new player that just joined my server
I saw a sprite of that bot when he is powering up, a purple powerup sprite
thats wierd cause I kicked the bot...

I was curious so I flew so I would fly exactly in the place that this powerup sprite was previewed
then when it crashed I saw suddenly for only 1 frame ( the one that froze when the game crashed eventually)
the frieza model of that kicked bot

I also want to say that the play that joined my server was cell so it couldnt be his model

I suggest to seperate again the bots from the normal hl.dll for esf
and then to check if there are less bugs and crashes...

actually I suggest to really release 2 of those dlls, hl.dll - without the bot dll information in it
and the bot.dll that we can change the program somewhere in the cfg files to use it instead of the normal hl.dll file if we want to play against bots

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