1. Disguise

    RE: super modes and kaioken-like conditions

    "state transformation" In some threads recently, and I'm sure hundreds posted in the past, people have talked about ideas of going into another "state" that drains your stamina and allows you to power-up temporarily. It's always been confined to a generalized view however, and before the beta...
  2. D

    special attack conditions

    its been quite a while from me but ive got one alot of what i see on the show is the beams being over powered only in certain conditions i think that recreating the conditions from the show should add power to your attacks, or maybe not power, the ability to overpower your attacks by...
  3. RoshkoMasta

    crash report for the team - the conditions - (might be a link to the reason?)

    well.. I know that most crashes are randoms and pplz cant seem to be able to pin point the cause of it thus the esf coders are having a hard time isolate the problem everytime my esf will crash I'll post in this thread the exact conditions of the situation of what happen, others are...