1. Painkiller

    2 internet connections depend on one another for no reason?

    Hey guys -.- I've had this problem from quite a while now. I'd really like to get some help about this :) You see, my sister moved to her boyfriend's house a while ago. Her boyfriend gives internet to his neighbors and they pay him for it. And from some time now when he or his neighbors start...
  2. sub

    I'll be gone for a few months in protest of me not being an admin

    I'm going to be leaving this forum for a few months as a protest of me not being an admin. I expect tears to be shed and I expect to be crowned admin upon return. As we all know, the only reason that there is order on this forum is because everyone is afraid they're going to be banned by me...
  3. C

    Reason to why not porting to source?

    First off all, I really appreciate how you guys sticked with the HL1 engine and pushed the mod into new limits. I love the HL1 engine and would prefer it over source any day. Anyway, I was having a conversation with my friend today and wondered why didn't you guys ported ESF to source and...
  4. M

    Reason Why ESF Will Never Be Using The HL2 Engine

    Is it because the average computer has no trouble running HL1, and if ESF used HL2 then less people would be to play wordwide because even the most sh!ttiest computers can run HL1??
  5. Byakuya

    For some odd reason

    I can only play in team-mode in 1.2.3. I can choose Free fighting ot Drgnball mode but it still ends up start as Team Mode. This occured after i uninstalled ECX, so i uninstalled ESF all-together and deleted the remaining files in the folder. Then i reinstalled, and I still have the same...
  6. S

    Reason for the lack of decent players

    Because noobs like spawn264 are too busy banning them from the popular servers. Discuss
  7. M

    Reason For Recent YouTube Video Deletions

    Source: Source:
  8. F

    Connection Problem!!! Reason "Timed Out"

    please help me!!!! this problem really makes me angry!!! ;( when i connect to an EVM server it takes 1 or 2 minutes then it says: "you have been disconnected from the server. reason: timed out" that only happens when i CONNECT to an EVM server! i can host EVM servers (but only with bots not...
  9. Mccdbz5

    Got a reason why they posted this news on April Fool's Day

    Well, by what I have heard from someone, he told me the team posted this news today so you guys would take the news easier. Think about, the team probably knew you guys would react in a good way, thinking it was a joke, so you would be oblivious to what is really happening. Also, I know people...
  10. seb

    Is the force pit down for a reason?

    I tried a second ago to pay for the force pit O_o Topic says it all.
  11. HisokaXKillua

    for some reason

    for some reason i cant get on esf. it says that c:\documents and settings\owner,your-xb2x7j77gn\desktop\dbz\user.scr is not a valid win32 application. what does that mean.
  12. scribex

    any particular reason?

    Hey, I was just wondering.. whenever i try to play on a server with sounds, models, sprites or maps other than te default it won't work, it closes the game. Can someone please help? thanks. :(
  13. T

    Reason to change engine!

    I know you wont do it, but it's time someone tells you the facts, because this has been going on long enough! The HL1 engine was never meant for esf. It isn't powerful enough, not at all. That is the reason for low fps even on highend comps. My comp is amd64 3000+ 1gb ddr and gf 6800. Now, u...
  14. jackass5000

    umm any1 know a reason the in-game mp3 player aint working for me?

    said all in title O_O
  15. KilledWithStyle

    Random homeing of Kametorps and Scatterbeam -- REASON

    I dont know if this will help the team, but I would like to expand on the bug of (mainly) the Kame torps going to unknown "entities". First off, I have figured this out after spending much time in my own server and realizeing that this bug isnt only in riverside. I have seen this bug in many...
  16. S

    The Reason why no one enjoys esf anymore.

    Edited to keep Joe the privacy he wanted when he chose not to enter such info in his profile in the first place. -Magus -- Edited again by Pcjoe. I readded the conversation, I just took out my aim name. It's upsetting that shin carl is this immature to have to post personal AIM logs, but...
  17. Lethal_Vegetto

    This is One Reason why.

    Heres one reason why i dont drink Mountain Dew:p Is what it says under the picture.
  18. SSFT

    You want a reason for tele-delay?

    Well here it is. It keeps people from being lame and getting a cheap hit in from across the map, and "dodging" (as is teleport is meant for) isn't meant to go across the map as an attack, and teleporting across the map is non-dbz'ish, and the most important reason is, the devs want it...
  19. RoshkoMasta

    crash report for the team - the conditions - (might be a link to the reason?)

    well.. I know that most crashes are randoms and pplz cant seem to be able to pin point the cause of it thus the esf coders are having a hard time isolate the problem everytime my esf will crash I'll post in this thread the exact conditions of the situation of what happen, others are...
  20. R

    i can't play online for some reason

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME i downloaded the server patch for half life v1.1.1.0 and when i am on ESF and go search for a internet game it doesn't show anything no games,NOTHIN it sucks can someone tell me how to get games to show up it also does this for Counter Strike But PLEASE HELP i want to...