Beam jump off of people, and guru bug.

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Feb 17, 2003
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Ok teh title says it all.
but me and a few friends figured otu a few more bugs to go with it:

Beam jump off of beams. (figure it out it says it all)
BEam jump in yoreu face ps.
first ahve you and a buddy charge generic beams. Have the more powerfull one beam jump off of the other person.
Then the weaker fires his beam and lets teh beam jumper win.
Hte beam stays in yoreu face and when it stops, you got a explosion in your face.
(it might work the other way aorund, I didnt look at pl)

This is another bug tha has to do with guru:
the walls force back beams, so the beams won't hit the wall.
This was a ***** cause teh power stuggle wondnt end caue the beams missed the players.
They just circled the walls til they hit the ground.
edit: teh beams were going really slow cause we both ere perfectly even in our power struggle (we both ran outta ki)

Add: Oh well I guess another bug just gone down the drain ignored

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