1. J fox

    A intresting i found in a shop

    I saw a Vaccume Cleaner called Piccolo the other day when i went into town just something i thort you guys might want to know.
  2. M

    A intresting concept for the new advanced melee

    ok this is a idea i came up with for advanced melee theres 3 buttons punch kick and grab and 4 arrows now each direction button plus punch or kick or grab does soemthing difrent depending on where you are example down +k would do a sweep kick to your oppeant on the ground knocking him on...
  3. F

    Very intresting site[Biology based]

    Here is a nice looking site i found on the internet..... very intresting read, and flash videos. Watch all: DNA, Gene, and the rest! Tell me what you thought!
  4. P

    search for modellers/ skinners/ animators

    I need someone serious that knows how to build moddels and skins or animator. Send me a private message if somebody intresting- he'll get more info. after he send me a private message. THX
  5. MinesSkylineR34

    so bored, i made a wp

    how you like them apples? :D
  6. Suh Dude

    Fresh from Photoshop

    I was expermeting photoshop then i made this abstract thingy so if someone ripes or founds out this somome riped this please contact me and i will NEVER GIVE OUT MY TUTORIAL HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHA CritZ?
  7. M

    GT Dragon Model Release !!!!

    Im planning to combine stuff i found all together this makes the GT Dragon Pack Dragon Model Credits to original Creator of Shenlong Edited by:Imp.GuranGa Blackstar Dragonballs Credits to original creator of the Dragon Balls Edited by ????? Copy and Paste...
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    Indy art: Image size: 800x1900

    Exploding Aura - Image Res: 800x1900 56ker's beware Here's a image, it represents what I am going through at this moment in time - a very busy time. I am having tons of stuff go on in my life so this represents it. 2d art isnt fully done yet, so I hope you enjoy it as it gets updated...
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Simple Graphic..

    It's an "ok" wallpaper I guess, room for icons on both sides.. Interesting, may make a white one..or a inverse :
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