1. A

    Got banned from learning zone

    I got banned today from the Learning zone which is one of the only servers thats running with people in it. I don't know why, when i first started playing there were couple of people each game with 32-1 scores that killed everyone else but didn't get banned. I got banned after killing 6 people...
  2. M

    We're in The Zone

    I came across the following thread that was loaded with pictures taken recently within the Zone of Alienation around the Chernobyl NPP - I know most of you probably don't find...
  3. Suh Dude

    Punisher War Zone

    <embed src='' flashvars='object_ID=382367&downloadURL='all' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='433' height='360'></embed> Oh mmmmmmmmy...
  4. elcor

    The Punisher: War Zone

    well i see in a page spain that new film abou The Punisher are become. see the trailer;feature=related <embed src=''...
  5. Vagabond

    PC Zone (UK) Feature ESF in their mag

    Pc Zone has feature esf in their magazine and have said some positive stuff so looks like we might get some new memebers to the playing fan base.* can't scan the page in since i don't have my scanner anymore*
  6. B

    Official ESF Zone Tournament

    Ok with the big grand openening of ESF Zone, we decided to throw a tournement. Please check out the thread at the following link: Please register for the tourney so we can have a lot of people playing.
  7. Skyrider

    ESF Zone modifications! (must read)

    Oke, I've talked about it with b14ckcha0s. There has some slight modifications / changes with the Zone. For those who don't know what ESF Zone is, it's the new Earth Special Forces Resource website. With maps, sprites, clients, models and all things related to Earth Special Forces. At first...
  8. B

    ESF Zone

    Hello. My name is b14ckcha0s. I'm starting up this website called "ESF Zone". Its a website similar to ESF-World but way more content and features. We will provide an FTP for servers so they can put the "sv_downloadurl" cvar in their server.cfg . The only thing is, I need some people to help me...
  9. Vagabond

    HL2 PC Zone Uk Review gives it 97%

    PC Zone have just reviewed HL2 and has given it a 97%. there highest score ever more details at . so the RC that valve handed in must of got the Thumbs up.
  10. S

    BIGGER KAMAHAMAHA just like the shows !!

    um yeah i have a kamahamaha like that just made it, took me 3 weeks to make, and you can see through it, BUT. in side that hugh KAmaahamaha theres the reguler kamahamaha. but you can still see the person or ppl in that bad boy. AND!!! this pack i alrdy have have sprites and the explosions are...
  11. Lone Wolf

    Zone Of Enders-- The Second Runner

    Anyone heard of the game? I love it... graphics are awesome... I love it! Post your opinion...
  12. lostsoul


    if your a realy really good modeler can you email me at [email protected] Aim: knifehntr msn: topbros... i might have somtin that you would like to do
  13. [=TM=] Vegetto

    Swoop Zone!!!

    OK Heres a question- Why did the esf team make the already too big non-swoop zone (I'm refering to when your so close to a character, you cant swoop) bigger?! I really think the zone should be cut down, even more then it was in 1.0. I'm sick of not being able to boost at someone, and at the last...
  14. Wing Zero 0

    Time Zone Confusion

    Hello all. I'm ATTEMPTING to set the time zone on the forums, but appearently, the person who made the engine for these forums can't tell time correctly, because I can't seem to get the forum clock to set my time at Eastern Standard Time. I live in friggin' New York! It shouldn't be that...
  15. S

    demetralized zone

    someone said if i am behind a router (i am) and i want to find my ip i have to do 'a little demetralized zone' what is this?
  16. P

    The danger zone

    I forget the name of the map with the lava, but there need to be more mapps with inherint dangers in them just to spice up the battles. For example, have a mountain pass with automated beam cannon turrets, like the ones that guard the Red Ribbon Army base in DB, that shoot indiscriminantly at...
  17. Deverz

    The sig thread to keep it or ditch it

    This poll is to decide the fate of the sig thread If it's ditched the Art forum will be open to sig threads but Off-Topic will remain sig thread free. If the list is kept request's will be PM only
  18. Virtigo Seven

    Sonic Team

    All forum members with "sonic" in there names(or other Sonic charicters), join SONIC TEAM heres a sig to add... at Mail me!
  19. T

    Show me some art already!!!!

    if u dont post your artwork here i will have me drunken monkey anal rape u or send it to me [email protected] and ill put it on the new artwork site im makin AND DONT POST UR NEW SIGS ON THIS THREAD OR THE DRUNKEN MONKEY WILL FIND HIS WAY TO YOUR FAMIL have a nice day:)
  20. KrazyKarl

    which is the best pic?

    this of course corresponds to the pics in the fanzone