1. Basslover722

    Yea few ?'s

    Ok well i haven't been experimenting a whole bunch with the Open Beta but still got me wondering. 1. Was Kongkongs Jenemba map released cause i can't find it.....and i see videos with other people having it. 2. wasn't there supposed to be a new class selection screen that was blue and showed...
  2. Basslover722

    Yea ive created something!

    I know its not much of what i did but a while back MC and Donnie and a whole bunch of other mappers tried helping and im back. NOw i only need your help with some stuff but also i need to figure out how to take photos of my work. I remeber MC telling me how but i forgot. PLease help me.
  3. DBXMe2

    Marty McFly - For GTA SA...? yeA dont ask lol

    As you guys know, I was working on a 3D delorean for GTA SA, and I stoped working on it, cause well frankly I'm uninspired for the car... so I left it in the hands of experianced GTA modders to finish it for me... and I've started making a Marty Mc Fly model so far I've skinned the...
  4. H

    Sasuke Head (Yea, I know, too many)

    And to be frank, I hate Sasuke, but thats not the point of this topic now is it? ..Yea, I modeled Sasukes head twice, one was ****ty so I redid it(not holding back on poly's) and...uhh...yea O_o Polycount : 862 Method of Modeling : Poly by poly(pure poly by poly, no original object, no...
  5. G

    My new map esf_highwayplanes

    Hey made new map plz comment it , ill just post some screens for now oh yea max r_speeds i noted were 650 or...
  6. B

    ... hope ...

    Reaching out for the impossible... as long as there is hope, everything is possible greetz
  7. SailorAlea

    Kaioshin/SupremeKai Model

    I was wondering if anyone has a model for Kaioshin(Supreme Kai in the dub), and a soundpack to go along with it? I searched GSF and Redsaiyan, but couldn't find any.. I didn't put this in the 'request for model to be made' folder, because I'm asking if one already exists. Much thanks..
  8. A

    CC trunks

    critz, coments, and.. yea.. Pikkon is being finished, hes being skinned. :D
  9. ultrassj_vegeta

    new 3d abstract

    c and c if poss.. thnx :) laterz -jez edit:.. and before other people start commenting on the text... its a logo i put there :D... its like my tag or something... yeah i think thats the right word?... thnx
  10. V

    [release] Kidbuu(BFPbeta)

    This model is very old (it explain why he's quite ugly^^) When I was in a bfp team named ProjectX Someone gived me a 'kidbuu' from another team... (I can't remember which one) I begin to edit it to make it suitable for our mod... And I never finished... So here's the conversion of this...
  11. P

    Zereth's Place

    Alright, A webpage I made.. I used: Photoshop/Image Ready/Notepad [Link] (Link don't work yet. Only a test.)
  12. Gangster464

    Goku, Gohan, Vegeta

    When is the new esf version coming out ?
  13. Ã

    SSj3 Vegeta

    do u like wat i am makeing [/IMG]
  14. N

    Gotenks skin

    hey just wonderin if theres a gotenks skin anywhere or if hes in the next esf cause he is my FAVORITE! character... plz tell me if you know a site :] ;D
  15. I

    cell jr SKIN

    i have re-edited this Cell Model which was NOT!! made by ME!! ICEMAN!! i RESKINNED it.. although i did NOT model it... is that clear for yall crits... ok now here's the link credits to: i do not know... if anyone recognizes that model and know who made it please inform me A.S.A.P and once...
  16. Suh Dude

    BD Vegeta

    I need Zererth Permission to release it because i seen alot of rips out there and stuff... if he doesn't let me owell and if i see a rip of it of my skin when i release it i'll never release my ponage Gohan and my Vegeta Ur Future awaits you.....
  17. T

    Kai Suit Gohan

    Wasn't there a Gohan Kai suit model released at one time? anyone have the link for it? i think sxyasian86 did it...thanks.
  18. Nuttzy

    pan WIP

    i started her yesterday, with the intent of trying out my newly obtained skinmapping leetness, (i learnt a few things i didnt know before), the skin isnt done thats just the base skin that ill be adding the details over, her pants are mirrored with no visible lines where the skinmap overlaps...
  19. X

    My very first 5 drawings.. ever..

    Well one is without watching on a picture.. Guess witch one? Size: 1/4 of A4 Size: 1/3 of A4 Size 1/4 of A4 Pictures with Head and Body part: Size: 1 A4 SIze: 1/2 of A4 SORRY FOR THE LOW QUALITY... ITS WEBCAM SHOTS! Remember my first 5...
  20. Koren

    Mr.Smos goku

    Smo if your reading this i just wanna know so dont flame me but is your goku out yet cause i would really like to have it