1. T

    iconz goku model head skin

    ok i did a quick skin on this head tell me what you guys think
  2. I

    Skin my Gohan

    hey i have the skinmap of gohan's head done(made by ryuujino aka for the map goes to him) here is tha map..... all skinners have a go on him!!!! ( copy and paste) if that didn't work go to then to skins and get...
  3. SS_Vegeta

    One of my nOOb models

    Not BAD mantis, for your first serious model. But i'm gonna be the one to tell you that its a huge waste of polys. If you have like 10 of those runnin around in almost any game it'll crash or lag alot. I suggest you tone that chest and arm section down to at least half the amount. And one other...
  4. R

    First Post

    Well, I just signed up, just seeing how the message board works (BTW hows the sig for a first attempt?) Later <img src=" copy.jpg">
  5. F

    Is there Cells destroyed arena?

    Is there a map of cell fighting arena? i mean after it has been destoyed from Cell? Coz i wannw try doing my first map for esf, and i don´t want doing any maps that already exist.
  6. E

    im bak and happy to c ya

    k im pretending that since the new forums came in im a copleate n00b and have never been here k, cool hello this mods pretty cool so when i was bored one day i decided to make a quick model for trunks head i made it from a simple head template i made recently so the whole model + skin is...
  7. G

    Very important thing concerning milkshape!

    If my comp got a virus when I had the registered version of Milkshape, and then I got it recovered and then installed Milkshape again would I be able to use the same register code I had used before because if not that would be a waste of 20 dollars!! I don't have milkshape yet, but because this...
  8. C

    For everyone asking me question

    Please stop ive quit the ESF team about two weeks ago and i dont check around here to often so please use other mappers as a refernce and for help untill i get back to the CP gamming mood again.
  9. T

    vegetto model to dl

    if you want this model email me at [email protected] here is a screenie of it
  10. Mastasurf

    Dbz chick art

    <img src="">
  11. G


    jus representin all the hardcore Final Fantasy Fans out there :tired:
  12. J

    sig i made, plz give me feedback

    hey i made this sig for Hybrid 2000 i think it's pretty cool :) <img src="">
  13. K

    anyone have a regestration code and name for milkshape if so please tell me im

    if u can give me ur regestration and name for milkshape i would apreciate it thx
  14. Some1_Call_911


    W00t I'm currently working on a ESF map that takes place on an asteroid or meteor. Pieces of the meteor can be destroyed and there are other meteors to fight on floating around the map. Not an arena or teamplay map, but a large free-for-all map. I will post a link to download it when it's...