1. J

    Guys Don't Worry About the Trailer.

    "It will be released in the year 2947, right before the full release of the game in 3012." comment by badboy4c1 Okay, flame away with your hopeless faith in these devs.
  2. RobiZ

    Introduction and 2 questions(don't worry none of them are : when it will come out)

    So hello. :) I'm newly registered member ,but i have been here for like 3 years (?) not much, but anyways. Respect for those who are here for 10 years and more. So I have 2 questions that ,I think, hasn't been asked here ( well at least one of them) 1) Will it be possible to change the...
  3. sub

    Your biggest worry in life?

  4. sub

    Mother****ers. Now we gotta worry about dirt, too

    Mother****ers. We're all going to die, maybe http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2008804300322 Global warming. Asteroids hitting the earth. 2012. Nuclear War. Chemical warfare. A Global Food Crisis. Peak Oil. An energy crisis. The fact that the U.S. is like 9 trillion...
  5. Z

    Just another thing to worry about

  6. M

    Yep, a fusion idea(don't worry thought)

    ya, this is a fusion idea, but I only need to know what people think of this fusion idea because EVM is implementing fusion. Note that fusion works with all characters. Portora fusion: Player goku seeks out one earing, and player vegeta seeked out another earing, suddenly, they get...
  7. -Origin

    My new sig (don't worry no sunglasses needed)

    EDIT: put a 2 behind church and see the no text version.
  8. D

    Vegeta Model

    I have seen the new Majin Vegeta model and it looks great but the only problem is that you would have to change the model for the normal vegeta because of the clothes difference. I would just like to know if the ESf team is going to change the clothes on the normal vegeta to his vest like he...
  9. C

    Not a BFP rip

    I'm just trying to clear up any confusion about my model being a rip of the BFP one. The only parts that are not made from scratch by me are the hands and legs which were made by the esf team so credits go to them. The funniest claim, besides the head being from the BFP model, is that I just...
  10. ]\/[ITCHELL


    i have a qustion about beta 1.2 since there is a new teleport does this mean that you cant use other models like goku GT??? i mean that if you play with goku GT and you teleport do you see the original goku or really goku GT????
  11. B0Bmaster40000

    Special Beam Cannon

    ive made a replacement sprite and model for the special beam cannon, so the head is a warhead, and the trail is just smoke. it looks pretty cool (and funny, cause the nuke is friggin huge), except that the model is transparent. Is there a way to change the transparency of the sbc head model? or...
  12. A

    Pikkon pack Release!

    Go get it here: http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=file&id=258
  13. M

    how do I make new avatars?

    If ne1 can teach me or tell me how to get new ones that'd be 5w337!!!11!!
  14. A

    My drawing

    :laff: Critz?
  15. G

    what are the new models for 1.1

    yo all lets get the load down 1.1 is coming so we have to get the models updated so here we go let me see the new models and ideas u all have and that esf shall become better and make some more trunks models and vegeta alright and dont forget about goten lol and lil trunks well yeah lol
  16. D

    Max Number of Vertices

    hey does anyone know what the max number of vertices is in milkshape, could u let me know
  17. HyperSaiyaman


    Is it possible to make a chubby janemba and the other janemba? it can be replace it for fat buu, cuz janemba has mouth blast. well if you have an idea or wanna make a suggestion well put it here im a rookie by modeling but ill try to make them.
  18. U

    This sucks...

    First they tell us that they would update the site on 13 february then they said to 18 february, AND NOW ITS STILL NOT ****ING UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: ;( :S :\ :(
  19. S

    BROLLY skin for esf beta????????

    i heard there is a brolly skin for esf beta but i've not found it. Does anyone know something about it???????
  20. Q

    New Sig......

    How does this look? should I use it as my new sig? comments and crits please