1. A

    does anyone know where to download skins/models for esf?

    especially cell models cause the 2nd form esf model is really ****
  2. T

    Help I have steam I was wondering if this mod works with it?

    Help I have steam I was wondering if this mod works with it?
  3. OubliezJe

    Got really bored

    Hey, jsut got really bored so i made these for esf.... ya ya ya i know bout putting it into a link but i didnt feel like it this time (plus it never works for me) so just l;eave them for people to see please..:( so what you think?
  4. S

    how to make ur models glow

    if u want ur models to glow without an admin then read this. this is all done in milkshape. first u select ur whole model then u duplicate it. select the duplicate and go to tools fatboy. type in .1 then press ok. then assign the duplicate to a texture (skin). select duplicate again and go to...
  5. D

    call me a noob modler

    here are my first models ( poly by poly O_o ) 1.) a sword :p credits : original skinner of the sword 2.) part of a body :
  6. MinesSkylineR34

    i need new photoshop brushes??

    just reinstalled photoshop and lost all my own brushes :( i used google but not much stuff i'm looking for anyone have any good sites for brushes?
  7. Rebirah

    Was bored..

    I was bored so I decided to get on ms paint on draw.. I tried drawing my friend :P What do yall think?
  8. Devion


    <img src=""> Well I posted this pic cause the guy himself can`t.(My dad works at a prison for kids(sorry can`t think of a better word, I`m not english)) I promised to upload it to the internet and show it to people. I can`t say his name...
  9. Y

    Mic works but it wont for Half Life

    My microfone works alright i think, it amplifies my voice if im not doing anything. But with Half-Life it sayes something about direct sound and some strange things i cant read because its post them in the console halfa a second before they fly up the screen with the console What can i do...
  10. G

    ssj4 models

    Does any one know where I can get a good ssj4 model for esf? I cant find any anywhere!!!
  11. Hawki_ice


    Hawki's Gohan EDits~Armour GOhans Ok i did two gohan edits! NORMAL GOHAN IN ARMOUR! MARI GOHAN IN ARMOUR! Ok my next 2 edits r a NON battle damaged normal gohan in goku clothes And a non Battle damaged MARI Gohan with two arms! Two download them go here! *Empty Hole...
  12. Nuttzy

    strong bad model

    i made it to make an example of my 3d outline technique, and its hard to tell cuz saving as a jpeg kinda blurred it a bit but hes got a black line around him in every angle, i need to give it a thicker black outline you think?, crits
  13. Nuttzy

    ms3d problems

    well, ive been using it for about a year and a half, with no problems, but i downloaded 1.6.6 and i was testing how it counted the 30 days so i set my system time to a year and 14 days ahead, and alas it was expired, but doing this expired all my cookies and messed up my full and working version...
  14. S

    ms3d/3dsm question

    does anyone know if there is a way to export a model from ms3d to 3dsm WITHOUT losing the bones for animation? because if not i'm not going to learn animation, but if there is i'll try
  15. AscensionX

    SSJ2 Aura - Get it here.

    The Aura does work with 1.1, for those of you who don't know what i am talking about, you MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FILE!!! Get it off my Friend Hawki_ice's site. ( Heres the Aura. <TABLE...
  16. D

    new map but need 2 things

    i need to place sky clip and i dont know how to do and then ill need a host ps: when i compile the map i only see darknes and thats suxxx soo plz help me and be surprised
  17. T

    model maker

    Can some one tell me whats the best model maker that works for 1.1 model and works for esf models please i need to no i tryed 3 diffrnt model makers
  18. Neon


    ok i made an avater for my sig but it says that my avater is too big when i load it, and its too big when i host it too... what should i do? dont tell me to make it smaller cuz i tried and its still too big!!
  19. Optional

    Opty's Bryce Works

    (thx groovy fo' da hostin') w00t finally... whatca think? PS: oh yes, i forgot to mention that it is 150,000 polys...
  20. B

    Any1 makes Krillin art works??

    I just wanna see some krilling artworks I mean is he that bad???