1. I

    torso making tut! the torso making tut u may have to rename .ace to .zip or something anyway have fun and learn from it.....
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    New Cd cover

    check it out i like it took a couple mins to get it just right
  3. S


    Well, I have some work so I thought of Pimping it and here I am :) heres my Deviant Id. And...... Please reply with either Suggestions or Comments! :D
  4. L

    Site Layout in the works - Need Opinions

    Ok guys i never ask for opinions ever because i likedoing stuff onmy own. however i was asked by a friend of mine to make him a layout. Now i suck major ass at layouts because they take too much time. However i got really bored today and decided to spend some time and work on one. everything you...
  5. M

    It works Damm it...

    Thanks Hamster......................... Thanks to you the game is up and running......the guys who just can't seem to fix ESF are GOONS......thanks again
  6. S

    Lil Custom thing for ESF

    Welcome to Red Saiyan Shop lol Funny.. Kiblast 5$ each Buy the kiblast Red Aura 150$ Buy this Kewl aura Red Glow around Aura only 54 cents! Buy This is fits well with the Aura lol It do not cost anything.. just fooling around. Go look at the website of Red saiyan and have...
  7. R

    First Post

    Well, I just signed up, just seeing how the message board works (BTW hows the sig for a first attempt?) Later <img src=" copy.jpg">
  8. B

    Help!!!! Please Help Me!

    Guys i need to know how to use the fonts of this website it says u can D/L em but i dont know where to place em in on my computer to get them to work :cry: Can 1 of you ESF guru's please tell me please thanks guys i wub you all :rolleyes:
  9. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    How to insert my Picture???

    can you tell me how to put my artwork in this page ? if possible in german:rolleyes: but it doesn´t matter if its in english:fight:
  10. S

    Important:REAL ART!

    i made this on my new tablet in about 30 seconds... enjoy :D btw his name is moho
  11. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    why !!!!

    For some reason my ms3d doesn;t like to compile my qc file!!!>. it won't compile the reference part. if i do it without the reference it finishes compiling my qc file... can someone that uses ms3d see if it is just my computer? if you wana try em let me know and i will email the files to...
  12. S

    The Best Map Discovery I Found Yet

    :D :D :D I can't believe it myself. I was getting tired of FireArms and TFC and went back to ESF and though I am on 56k created a lan game an started messing around with some map stuff. Well If you own the regular half-life original with the first single player create a game and put this in...
  13. Majin_You

    My first sig [that I made].

    I am not a very good artist, and I don't have anything really good in the way of programs, like Photoshob and Fireworks, but, here it is, my first attempt at a sig. Tell me what you think, keeping in mind what I've said above.
  14. L


    Cheers mate [email protected] btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?
  15. K

    Seeing Host

    Just checking if this host works and I'll be back after Mid-Terms
  16. K

    y wont my sig show up

    yay i think my sig works now