1. A

    When do you think, Shippuuden and Bleach, will be finished anime wise?

    So I've been thinking, if I were able to re-watch the entire Naruto and Bleach series from start to finish, without having to wait for a new episode to come out, it would be spectacular. Unfortunately progression has been slowed down even further from natural disasters. So, when do you...
  2. Ravendust

    Microsoft and Google 'wise up to the kids'

    http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/children/kidtalk.mspx http://www.google.co.uk/language_tools?hl=en (scroll down to 'H') Finally, online gamers get some overdue recognition. I just hope my dad doesn't read the microsoft one, the embarassment...
  3. KilledWithStyle

    OK, whose the wise guy.

    The dedicated server installation pack is a UPGRADE, not an INSTALLATION program. It said it couldn't find ESF. I downloaded the correct file from file planet, and when I started the program it said it was a dedicated server installation. When I clicked ok about the destination the install...
  4. Reox

    1.2.1 Wise

    You've packed 1.2.1 installer with WISE, i think you should pack it with another installer packer, theres a lots of posts/threads in this forum that asks for help in installing 1.2.1. My problem is that to the installer freezes in the "Initializing wise installation wizard" box/screen, and i...
  5. P

    Wise Installation Wizard Not Responding

    I used to play back during 1.0, but since then my computer has been reformatted and I haven't reinstalled it. I want to now, but I've downloaded the file from about five different places and they all do the same thing. It starts up the 'Wise Installation Wizard', goes to the default screen of...
  6. C

    New Wise

    i think that there should be some new wise. more health, more speed and more defence. :yes:
  7. Jaredster

    What is better (preformance wise)

    What is better of these 2: 1. ATI 9800XT vs. ATI 9800 PRO (256MB?) 2. Nvidia GeForceFX 5600 vs. Nvidia GeForceFX 5900 (Ultra?) 3. Results of #1 vs. Results of #2
  8. SSj Gotenks

    Which is the best Trilogy ( movie wise)

    Lord of the Rings? Matrix? remember this is off the movie LOTR, not the books
  9. S

    krillin edit

    <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3" codebase="http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/files/MS3DViewerOCX.cab#version=1,0,0,6"> <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"> <PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="16007"> <PARAM...
  10. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    sWiTcH's Spray Service

    So you've found out the command to spray a logo ("impulse 201"), but now what? Well I've started a service for the lazy. Ill turn any picture into a color decal, or ill make one personally. Or, if you want some standard decals (the ones that are only one color) ill turn any set of pictures...
  11. Lord Killmore

    Look at this and start laughing !

    Ok guys this is now my second model edit. It´s not that special but i´m making one step after another. Tell me what you think. I still need to asign the bones and make the second one. Credits to: Logan-for his Trunks model AZN-For some of his skins *Pics Removed* -grOOvy
  12. Hawki_ice

    Dragon Ball Ng

    ok guys im working with David and LordKillmore 2 make a pack that replaces all the basic ESF models with a sort of NG conversion (just puts NG models in game) so its just really making a model pack lol Lordkillmore is handling sprites, David has done a few REF pics for the chars and im...
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    how to do awsome 3d walls

    you have seen them everywhere, 3d wallpapers. well they arnt that hard to make. tools needed: photoshop 3d studio max 1.open 3d studio max and make a spike 2. copy this spike numeruos times and rotate it making some sort of porcupine shape. 3. save this image 4. open photoshop and set...
  14. Logan4434


    I made a Tapion,but when i try to compile it MS3D crashes here are some pics: if anyone can help my SN for AIM is XXMOnkEYmaN289XX
  15. Bryggz

    Announcement of some sorts

    Ok lettin y'all know what im up 2, due to popular demand (lol always wanted to say that-yes im weird) ive decided to make gotenks (for esf, duh, i know someone else is making one non-esf) in all 3 forms(normal/ssj/ssj3, even though normal and ssj kinda look same), ill be editing s-bolts ssj2...
  16. Mastasurf

    Colored Gohan

    I haven't done anything art wise since the Vegeta skin so I decided to color this gohan image GohanMSX posted a few days back for practice. The Original Colored :0)
  17. Kama

    Wise Master Awakens

    Hello, my name is Kama. I am a regular on the DMZ forums and rarely post here but am trying to get into the habit of it. I would just like to say hello to everyone here and that the ESF mod looks very well done and promising. And sorry if this is spam but I'm not familiar with the ESF...
  18. owa

    Ahh Help!!

    Hey, I'm trying to make a sig like Phobius's like how his is like cut in parts so oyu can see through it. I wanna make osmthing liek taht and I'm useing Photoshop 7. Please help! I'd really appreciate it!
  19. I

    My vegeta

    http://sos.fpsmods.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=8083 my vegeta skin check....
  20. V

    Models and skins

    :devil: Hi ihr esforces hersteller! Wo kriege ich models und maps für esforces her? Schreibt mir bitte die seite auf meine e-mail adresse auf!! [email protected] Ps:Cooles Game
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