1. Lord Killmore

    Mr.Perfect ^^ WIP

    well yeah when i say i?m back then i AM back xD was bored this evening and started this little freak here. i?m pretty happy the way it looks so far and hope i can manage to finish him too C&C?
  2. N

    Gogeta wip

    I've changed the design a bit , will model the legs soon . Hair on the close up is only temporary. Rendered with 1 diffuse map in ambient light , no maps tempering =] Pics are in High Resolution. http://www.uploadhouse.com/fileuploads/51/511521de5bad3594d0aa28186f184df969ff1.jpg...
  3. DBZhell

    New Cooler [WIP]

    Started modeling cooler. Wip: I used this as a ref:
  4. C

    Kakashi WIP

    If I could make some pretty renders for u guys i would XD Ill try to get some better pics up later. Well, anyway im still tweaking the hair, its a little to straight up, im trying to make it go more the right. Didnt color the polys for his mask cause i got lazy.. Just started...
  5. Ravven

    Uchiha Sasuke W.I.P.

    Yeah guys, here's the only survivor of the Uchiha clan (except someone called Itachi ;)) Give him a warm welcome!!! I give u Sasuke! : P I decided to this one long ago, but never had rly the time. Now with the great work of Nataku, my Nr.1 Unpredictable Ninja is comming to live. I thought...
  6. Super Veggeto

    Gogeta WIP

    So umm, Eclipse and I teamed up to make this Gogeta model as a custom for Vegeta in 1.3 (he modeled, I uvmapped/skinned) and...this is what we got: It's pretty much done, except for some small fixes and tweaks on the skin that you wont notice much =P Credits to GG and Kama for the...
  7. Jimesu_Evil

    Bushy Brow Lee! WIP

    Well after two months of doing absolutely nothing, I remembered that the only reason I never model is because I never have the time nor patience. Since I now have the time (and I'm making progress with the patience thing) I thought I'd make everyone's favorite lovable mop-top, since I've...
  8. Synth

    WIP (sparkly)

    I've been proding at this sig for the last couple days, throwing sprites on it, trying text tutorials. Advice?
  9. -Origin

    Sneak peek, WIP. Repeat, WIP!

    Just tell me if it's heading the right way.
  10. Y

    [WIP] Para-Ordnance P14-45 LDA pistol

    Ref Pic WIP
  11. Growler

    Hydralisk WIP

    this is a hydralisk from the game StarCraft. about 4-5 hours worth of work, still not done.
  12. ShadyD

    Uzumaki Naruto WIP

    No im not mimicing SV, he just got me inspired =) As vegetto's, No current plans for release, Cell-shaded, just not as good as his >_> The proportions are so bad they hurt..But i can't find any refs that confirm this.. So help me out! =)
  13. Super Veggeto

    Uchiha Sasuke WIP

    First Naruto character model for meh! Actually started the head long time ago but I remodeled it and...well, anyways, it's not meant for a mod or any special purpose, also a reason why I went careless with the polycount (3550+) and still need to add a few details and stuff, dont really mind how...
  14. Super Veggeto

    Pikkon WIP (lol)

    Nothing to do with the Kompetition. I already "finished" this model a bit after the Kompetition started, I wanted to post it after the poll opened so...here it is: Still WIP over all, I'm open for crits and still dont have the uncaped version done but that will come later. =3
  15. Ishuzo Kaisen

    A warrior from my boredon W.I.P

    Kiba no senshi: C&C's are welcome (remember it's still a WIP)
  16. webber

    Kakashi W.I.P.

    I deleted the other thread couse it had to many large pics in it, plus the boo-boo that i made at first. Now it's done, finished, finido, caput. I've tried skinning it, but i still have much to learn on that, so if someone with some free time could try and make the skin i would...
  17. Super Veggeto

    Vegetto Skinage WIP

    Model: WIP Skin: No need to crit the model, it's been through all that in the old thread, plus I made some changes and tweaks myself, it reached it's limits model wise I shall say heh. Head skin is pretty much done, moving on to the upper part of the body and then the lower part so...
  18. C

    Naruto wip

    UPDATE* Can someone please help me with assaigning him. I cant ;-/. PLEASE pm me D:
  19. kam!

    Wip Wall/siggie/whatever

    I had nothing to do today, so I made this: http://xs307.xs.to/xs307/06410/lolzomgrofl.gif It's not yet finished, will add some things... Don't know if I'll make a wall or a sig or... wahtever^^ I now that it's very simple and that some peole don't like that style Well so leave...
  20. Y

    Buster Sword [WIP]