1. Almighty_Gir

    so much win... this is just epic... a fan "remade" the track "smack my ***** up", showing how he thinks the prodigy probably did it back in the day (although that software wasn't available then). back when they did it, they would have had to use actual synths...
  2. Heron

    [Competition] Win a premium minecraft account!

    This competition IS deceptively simple, but it's a major challenge to express something most people do not recognize or really appreciate what it means in your life. The word is 'Ego', try to explain this word at the level of what you know. I am not looking for the best grammatical...
  3. T

    New Question! Answer First and Win an E-Cookie! :O

    So, without further delay, here is The Question! Can i have ESF ECX R2 AND ESF 1.3 OBF installed at the same time? Thanks in advance guys!
  4. Disguise

    GT: Baby + Sacred Water = win?

    I just started watching GT for some map ideas, and I was watching the fight with Baby. Why... oh why... didn't they use the Sacred Water on Vegeta? That would've had Baby beat instantly.
  5. Painkiller

    Goku vs Vegeta who will win!?

    ok guys this is a game in wich you guys use all you wish about tehniques and things here people can really put up a good fight = set their favorite characters one against another now the rulles are simple! you use everything from all episodes you're allowed to also use tehniques wich don't exist...
  6. elcor

    Spain Win!!!

    Well SPAIN WIN THE EUROCOPE!!!! Now what do you think guys? OLE OLE OLE OLE torres make the goal! SPAIN 1 germany 0
  7. Quagmire

    Did Blu-ray just win the format war?

    Discuss! I suppose however that this was inevitable as Blu-ray would eventually win. This, however, could be met with criticism with consumer that actually bought the cheaper HD-DVD players, especially when Toshiba and Walmart decided to cut their prices on their players dramatically which did...
  8. Barney

    Superbowl XLII Who will win???

    Big day in history. Patriots going 19-0 possibly as well as going for the "Best Team Ever" title by winning this super bowl. Or the Giants who had an okay season and a great post-season. Who do you guys think will win? I'm from New England so I gotta go with my Pats. You can't beat...
  9. Phobius

    Lightsabers or Soul Swords who will win?! Find out in SOUL CALIBUR 4! (Site is probably slow loading cause so many people are trafficking so just give it time to load) WOW just WOW!!!
  10. G

    who would win......

    In a food eating contest!?! Fat man with an empty Stomach Or GOKU!?!
  11. Mirai_no_Trunks

    Help us to win this one pls .

    I subscribed my nephew into a beauty competition . This is the last day of voting , he is in top , but the competition is tight , so pls be kind and give a 10 for helping him to win the February Competition. thanks in advance.
  12. Sandstorm

    Who would win, Uncover Bunker or Star Wars Kid?

    z0mg, who do u thnk wuld winn Star Wars Kid or Uncver Bnker? I dunno, not very good at faking bad English.
  13. ZeroNightmare

    Ps3 to Win Next-gen War

    Analyst: PS3 to win next-gen war The Yankee Group predicts 30 million PS3s, 27 million Xbox 360s, and 11 million Wiis sold in North America by 2011. By Tor Thorsen, GameSpot Posted Aug 17, 2006 1:07 am GMT If you're a game-industry analyst looking to get some free publicity, the easiest...
  14. KidMan

    Who would win?

    In a serious fight, who would win out of these people: Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Tony Jaa. All fighting against each other at once. No weapons, all skill. My bets are on Tony Jaa or Bruce Lee.
  15. F


    That will be all thought i'd share my excitment with the beautiful people of the esf forums ::EDIT:: Important news: I'm so excited, i just can't hide it, i'm about to lose control and i think i like it....I'm so excited. Something something something something something. I forgot the...
  16. C

    So whos gonna win the Superbowl?

    Now that we know whos playing, whos gonna win? Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Poll will end Febuary 5th
  17. S

    Who would win in a fight?

    Who do you guys think would win in a fight. Brolly or Buu, give reasons. And not just "Cause brolly is uber" or anything.
  18. owa

    Who'll win the super-bowl?

    Hey, I've been anticipating the super bowl for ages now, and it is almost here. New England just laid out Peyton Manning. 20-3. 4 teams left... New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons Phillidelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Who'll win the big dance? I'm gonna say The Patriots, they'll...
  19. Shao

    GIF Images >> WIN XP SP 2

    I've noticed that, since I've gotten Windows Service Pack 2 for XP Prof., I can't see most animated gif images or anything like that with Interent Explorer. I either see them as still images, or not at all, and I think it's because a secuirty setting is turned on. Can anyone help me find out...
  20. .Maze

    PS Win Sound

    I dunno where to post since its a Sound sugegstion. Well the idea is when you are Beam Struggleing thgere should be a sound. like in the fight Gohan vs. Cell The winning side hears the sound where he releases more energie and screaming. and the loosing peep is doing a crying sound...