1. S

    Entity Respawn after break

    ok, I want to make an entity with func_breakable where when you touch it it breaks and then it comes back in 2 seconds. I tried spawn on break but in the drop down menu it only says nothing. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Death The Jedi


  3. H

    Got bored again

    I found a nice Seishero fanart pic... and i like how the character looks so i entertained myself with that. went a bit excessive on stuff, but I had some fun and it came out alright, the fanart pic had this website on it http://www.geocities.com/hadibi
  4. P

    Pixel Art ^_^

    I made these for my BYOND game, Do NOT rip these icons or else I will hunt you down. Thes are NOT for public use, Personal use only. Critism/Comments are GREATLY appreciated. The byond game is called Dragonball SL, Don't bother looking for it yet.. Link will be http://www.dragonballsl.com...
  5. TwisteR

    Wall hit debris

    Im not talkin about a map damage factor, that would lag the map too much. But you know how when you fire a beam at the wall (depending on your graphics level) you see rock debris fall to the ground. Well this is possible for when the player gets smacked into the wall, and may be a nice addition...
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    interface or wall(critz/comments welcome)

    so yeah it was originally meant to be a wall but seriously could be an interface. what do guys think? most of this was done with pixels only filter used is blur.
  7. Suh Dude

    What?Slim made a dark picture?comehere and look!

    this time crits?
  8. S

    **Re-Release of esf_1on1**

    Well, I am back after a long vacation of not using my computer in a while! :rolleyes: I released esf_1on1 back when ESF 1.0 was fairly new. I found a lot of people liked it, and saw it being played a lot. So I am re-releasing it here for ya guys! Few Points: The first Screenshot is my main...
  9. Naraku

    my wall paper

  10. G

    Nc clan come here

    Hello, now i tried to map and its realy hard for a person as my self lol and so im asking u this. no i seen u all like to do weird and unreal maps while heres one for thought a mirror map nothing but mirrors cause u wouldn't be able to tell anything apart like someone can be so far and...
  11. RaNger

    A quick picture

    Ok, I suck compaird to some of the people here, but its a start right? Any Ideas for the backround? I can always render it agane and make changes.
  12. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Wall Buffers!! Yay!!

    Well I don't know if anyone else noticed this GREAT FEATURE THAT I AM VERY EXCITED TO HAVE, but... ...the skybox of the map now gently pushes you a hitbox away from it, so that you are no longer able to be right up against it and blow your beam on yourself or lose a lock on melee or see...
  13. E

    New City Map

    Is it possible to make a City map so when you are melee'd right and you hit a building you go through it?
  14. Vengaurd

    problem with edge of level

    how do i make it so that when you fly to the edge of the level you do not fall into the skybox? in other words, how do i get that invisable wall around the level?
  15. D

    how do i make glass

    how do i make glass, not brekable, but like clean so u can see thru it sry for bad english
  16. Damaera


    Ok guys I'm a new map maker............... and I really suck at the sky wall part... Maybe someone can help me?
  17. Warrior_Elite45

    Link To A Tutorial I Need?

    Can anyone get me a link to a tutorial that tells you how to put things such as buildings and stuff in my map? I get the ground and everythin put there and I don't know how to get buildings and things there. Do you have to make them first using a program? Because I have Gensurf. Can you make...
  18. M

    Rosat map problems

    Ok whenever i try to run this map, the character's in character select screen are all greyed over, and like EVERYTHING is grey on the actual map. Can't see ANYTHING at all. Whats the problem?
  19. H

    Usual Thing

    well i made a new piece of art so I'm doin my usual thing and postin it on most the boards I go to.. My first 3ds max piece ever... I like it.. but then again I like everything I make...:smile: can't wait to get better
  20. I

    wall bug, sigh

    heres a bug you guys need to fix badly. when im on the ground facing up in the air, while charign a kame, i let go and blow myself up......... or when im agenst the wall and let a kame out i blow myself up. wtf. this is a major thing that needs to be fixed. because bots are also...