1. §lipKnot

    first wall papper

    here u go
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    Another Magna carta wall

    um yeah cc would be appreciated. the flame stuff was taken from someones wallpaper, in the show your wallpaper thread, but its mixed in with a 3d render. the girl was not originally that color but with a couple layers she became that way. thats about it.
  3. S

    First wall.... for my gf.......

    well yeah, i never done one before, but i was looking at one of my gf's pictures, and i felt inspired to do one, (using her art :laff: ), the wall isnt that complicated, but i did apply a lot of effects to her original work, and added a few textures here and there, also telll me what u think of...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    new magna carta wall

    um yeah well since a couple new magna carta images have hit the net, i snagged a couple and made a wall.
  5. S

    Triple Wall Jump?

    On esf_ToM, i was wall jumping and i did not release jump, it just repeated the jump animation like 3 times, then i flew away.
  6. D

    New wall bg

    Newest wall bg, not tuted, completely legit. Here ya go. Wall bg
  7. D

    Newest wall by me #2

    Well, I realize this is almost the same as my last one, and that is because it was a direct request from a friend. So please don't comment on it being the same -_- Anyways, he requested that I make one with Rock Lee. So hence- Lee Wall
  8. D

    Newest wall by me

    Newest wall by me, I think you guys will like it better than the last one. =D Differences: Better quality images Border around the images Better bg I hope you guys like it as much as I do =/ New wall
  9. T

    End of the map wall idea

    It's probably been mentioned, but I hope not. It really pisses me when I hit that wall on the sides of the end of the map. So I was thinking the wall should telport you to the other side so the map seems larger than it really is. I don't know about the wall on the top though......
  10. Warbandit

    Wall recover

    i thought of an idea similar to wall jumping. Im not sure if its in 1.2 but im pretty sure it isnt. When u get thrown into a wall, and are recovering before u hit the wall, instead u can boost off the wall. U can see this in most fights.
  11. F

    about wall jumping and stuff

    ok ok ok i watched the wall jumping so carefully so intimately, every detail caught my eye. down to the last pixel, and do you know what i noticed.... (insert funny joke here so you laugh) jk i noticed that when the character wall jumped no ki was drained from him.... and funny story when i jump...
  12. S

    Charging up attacks while wall jumping?

    Ive seen the wall jumping WIP movies, will you be able to charge up attacks or anything like that while walljumping? I doubt it, but Im just wondering :)
  13. G

    Wall Push

    I was thinking for the new melee 1,2 thad if a user throw another player into a wall the thrown player could maybe land on wall with legs and push him self out and hit the other away...
  14. saiyan_warriors

    Explosions of rock as a character hits a wall or ground???

    Hello again everyone...I was just wondering if in future releases of ESF if there would be an addon where whenever a character model hits the ground or walls that an explosion of rocks or something would come out. Or a plume of smoke somehow. I dont really care on whether or not this will happen...
  15. §lipKnot

    wall jumping bar

    i dont know if there is or is not i saw the movie and there wasnt i think they should have a bar to show how far u will jump like charging beams so people will know when to jump.......
  16. M

    Wall Jumps

    So what do you guys think of wall jumping? I think it's sweet and it's gonna make for some even sweeter melee fights. I think it'll also probally be used as an escape to quickly dodge a beam.
  17. R

    Wierd...bug? Please help before I throw my PC at the wall >=P

    Ok, I'm gonna copy paste my posts from Gamefaqs, So far this site has been really helpful so thanks to the esforces.com staff already. Just a little more help before I can FINALLY play ESF :) "Ok, I got everything with the client.dll file sorted, Esforces.com was very useful and thanks for...
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    yes another wall

    http://www.deviantart.com/view/4174186/ crits and comments appreciated
  19. Delusional

    Meele: Hit Into Wall

    Ok I was Playing And Hit A Guy Into The Wall And Thought HEY I KNOW WHAT WOULD MAKE IT COOL So here i am ok here goes: Ok Instead Of being Hit Into The Wall And Falling To The Ground how about Getting Stuck on the wall for a few secs then fall face first in the ground or just be stuck on the...
  20. Delusional

    About The Wall Jump

    If Ur Thrown Do U Hit The Wall And Press Jump To Like Zoom back into them really fast or just like hop off to the ground?