1. Mkilbride

    The first "Weaponized" Computer virus.
  2. Deathshot

    Goku's Heart Virus

    So how did Goku get the Heart Virus anyway? Personally I think it was something in the Air on Yardrat... But then again, Trunks said he would hear a lot about it on Earth.... But who knows.... any suggestions or Official Information on it?
  3. M

    H1N1 Virus your thoughts?

    I personaly think it's being way too "overhyped". The only people who should be worried are high priority. For the non-highrisk people it's not such a big deal, sure people healthy people even die from it but regular flu also kills why should this be any diffrent? I would just like to hear you...
  4. Grega

    Yay for people clicking MSN virus links

    OK guys here is a little heads up ^^ Seems like a couple of people that were once in this comunity (and just happen to be on my MSN list) got a bad case of a work using MSN links XD Basically watch out for anyone that spams you with links to pictures on a site that is kinda similar to...
  5. wheres_

    Anti virus thread...

    What ever happened to that thread with links to all those free programs and such? Reason being I need a good free little anti virus program because there are a couple of little ones floating around which I can't seem to nuke manually. Any recommendations are highly appreciated. I'm kinda a...
  6. Dzamija

    Virus disabled my task manager.

    Alright, I got a virus, and through a bit of a hassle AVG successfully removed it. However, it seems that the virus managed to disable my Task Manager in my account. It works in the administrator, though. Any idea how I can turn it back on?
  7. SA_Gohan

    Impending Hard Drive failure or Virus?

    Running Windows X64 bit Nvidia Geforce 7300 GS 160gb Western Digital Hard Drive AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ The past two days my computer has been acting really weird. Three days ago, it wouldn't move past the initial boot up screen apparently because I had USB mini-sd card reader plugged...
  8. veqeta

    Are there any good free anti virus software out there?

    Hey just wondering if there was some better ones that norton anti virus out there for download, it just seems like norton can't get rid of everything. Free ones that is... lol.
  9. G

    AV virus scan

    ok so after 42 mins of scanning i find out that my comp has about 12 threats on the computer. 3 are trojan horse, and thelast 9 are viruses 7 of which are "viruses identified java" and the other 2 are just "Virus identified exploit" Does anyone know if AVG will try to rid of these viruses or do...
  10. H

    So youre a virus eh?

    So i downloaded the ESF thing from the link in your site. Then it wouldn`t install. The Install button was grayed out. then my virus checkers settings had been changed and it wouldn`t scan the ESF file. So even mods on steam can be evil then?
  11. Killface

    Virus? What virus?!?

    Okay, everytime i try to goto on IE, it redirects me to <s></s> This only happens on Internet Explorer also, not Firefox. And i have this alert in my task bar that keeps telling me that i have a virus/spyware. I've done spyware and virus scans and have...
  12. G


    ok on my computer i have 4 file on the welcome screen and on one of the file random pop up come up saing that i have 300-10000fatal threats on my copmuter and that i have to get it fixed soonand on that file everything is as slow as hell. But on the other 3 files nothing like that has showed up...
  13. veqeta

    I think my computer is dying or at least got a virus...

    well as i came home from school today i realised that someone had left my computer on and some strange things have happened since then and i think they're to do with viruses it has a lil icon with a red circle and a white x in the middle and now it keeps spamming the screen and the toolbar with...
  14. Skyrider

    Software List Virus Problem

    Does anyone knows this virus that "effects" your Software removal list? My friend is having some problems with it. Check these images:
  15. Optimus Prime

    Spyware / Adware | Virus removal sticky.

  16. KidMan

    Best Adware and Virus remover

    I'm using Ad-Aware and Anti-Vir. Anything better then these two? It might help me out.
  17. D

    New MSN Virus on the Loose

    >>Als iemand met het emailadres : [email protected] je >>wil >>toevoegen , ga hier dan niet op in. >>Dit is een zeer krachtig virus dat zich voortplant door al je >>contactpersonen toe te voegen en dan je computer formatteert !! >> >>Stuur deze mail aub door , zodat je andere...
  18. K

    Virus Problem

    Ok, i think this might be a sign of a virus, witch it prolly is. Well, first thing i noticed was that Norton's autoprotect doesnt want to work now, second thing is when im on msn, my msn would send some random message to everyone that is on. The message would say "Hey, is this you?" then a...
  19. M

    A Bad Virus

    Hey guys. Been playin' ESF for years. Anyways, about a month ago, I got this strange virus. You see, about once every 5 or 10 minutes, a new browser window pops up. In the address bar it says "1%" and the page is blank. Well, I was using Netscape back then. I figured, maybe if I changed...
  20. Suh Dude

    New aim virus!

    There is a chain mail message thats sending and making people send out a pic. I think this should be right here instead of the Tech forum. Example of the virus or Message: DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!! *UNKNOWN*: LOL LOOK AT HIM [email protected] Just remember the url...