1. Skyrider

    "This game is currently unavailable" at a Virtual Machine

    I recently installed a Virtual machine (VMWare) with XP on it. I installed Steam on it and copied over my Half-Life files and launched steam. It was able to detect Half-Life just nicely. But when I attempt to launch it, I'm getting the error that the game is currently unavailable. It's connected...
  2. Arsenovicius

    [Large Piece] Virtual Reality

    Been bored at home and i though of doing this .. thing. :D
  3. Tsunami

    Virtual barbershop You'll be amazed by how unreal this sounds. Remember it sounds so much better with some headphones! Listen to it all! Unbelievable!
  4. Suh Dude

    Problemo with Virtual Console?

    I got wifi working and I went to the Virtual Console for the first time and got the Opera browsing trail thing, pretty cool. Now I wanna go into the Virtual Console again to look around, but it won't let me for some reason. It keeps saying "Connecting" for 10 minutes straight. Anyone get this...
  5. Sandstorm

    What are the current virtual console titles?

    As the name asks, what's current available for Virtual Console on the Wii? I don't have a Wii, so I can't really bring up that menu to see for myself...
  6. A

    Virtual Bubble Wrap - omg addictiveness HAHA! Wow.. Im addicted to it. I dont care what you say it's amazing, its almost as amazing as the bubble wrap in real life. lol. ... well... pop away
  7. S

    hhhmm virtual memory error

    i really dont get this, it was working fine yesterday, but today, everytime i try to play 1.2 i get into the chosing class screen, then it crashes saying out of virtual memory, before i run esf, i use ram booster, and shut down all the unneccasary tasks, I have a 1.67ghz proccessor with 128 ram...
  8. Mr. Satans

    Virtual Memory w/ Multiple Drives

    I have use two harddrives. My SLAVE drive, which is 31.4 GB (completely empty) I would like to use mainly for virtual memory for my MASTER drive (149 GB MAX - 119 GB Free). What should my virtual memory be set at for my SLAVE drive? MASTER Drive VM Settings --> 672 MB (Min) | 1344 MB (Max)
  9. K

    About the Virtual Memory to improve Gameplay...

    Someone posted something about adding a gig or two to it, to increase performance of ESF and other games. How was it, that you do it?
  10. G


    a sign came up on my destop saying virtual memory is low. my whole comp plus esf is going slow. how do i put my virtual memory back to normal?
  11. ssj999vegeta

    editing wrl textures

    i wanna edit the powerupaura.wrl file textures but i dont know how to do it, ive got a program to open them but i cant find or see the textures lil help?
  12. Lone Wolf

    Tunnel... O.o

    Me wants critz! CRITZ! so I can improve.... done in photoshop :P Kinda ugly O_o Abstract art isnt my strong point.... but then digital designs isnt either O.o Pencil and paper is always good :D
  13. Twilight

    Apolagy For A Friend

    I made this for a friend who I pissed off. Let me know what you think of the artwork and how youd receive it if you were the person its directed to....
  14. E

    yet another compiling prob

    yep i'm back. i've got another compiling prob but i'm not really sure wot is wrong. i've gone through 20 or so maps of a similar aspect (gensurf landscape, floating spawn points and other such goodies) and they all seem to end up with the same prob. when i compile, csg, bsp and vis all...