1. K

    Vegetto Gogeta Goteks

    Why i cant play with this charters Vegetto Gogeta Goteks ???? ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:09 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:08 AM at ---------- v1.2.3 version
  2. hleV

    Why Vegetto?

    Why the hell the person, that was produced when Goku and Vegeta fused with Potara Earrings, was named Vegetto (or Vegito as some say)? Gotenks seems right: Goten + Trunks. Gogeta (even though it's non-canon): Goku + Vegeta. Vegetto: WTF?
  3. V

    Vegetto fusion

    how can i Fuse to Vegetto (Vegito):confused: PLZ help!!!
  4. K

    The Super Vegetto Apreciation Thread

    The Big, Epic, All-Inclusive Super Vegetto Apreciation Thread He's been here for what? Two? Three decades now? Just wanted to take a few minutes and make a little thread for him. He really deserves it for all the work and help he does/gives. What a freakin' awesome guy.
  5. V

    Can Someone make me a Vegetto Sig?...

    Could anyone here make me a vegetto sig? it doesn't have to be fancy i just don't have anything to make a sig with :S thanks if anyone could.
  6. Super Veggeto

    Vegetto Release!

    Horray! finally released P: Big thanks to Kenny who pulled off all these awesome animations and made this project complete. Thanks to Kreshi too for helping me out with the rigging and the bones since I had truble with it at first x3 And thanks to all the people here that critted this...
  7. Super Veggeto

    Vegetto Skinage WIP

    Model: WIP Skin: No need to crit the model, it's been through all that in the old thread, plus I made some changes and tweaks myself, it reached it's limits model wise I shall say heh. Head skin is pretty much done, moving on to the upper part of the body and then the lower part so...
  8. scope


    Ok, before you continue i want to make sure that you understand that alot of this comes from the work of davidskiwan........yea i just decided to make a veggito and when i came up to the shoulders area...i finally realized how hard are the damn arms to make it perfect.... so i just decided...
  9. john_volkov

    Gogita vs Vegetto

    So ho will win Vegetto or Gogita ?
  10. Theoboy


    I have a suggestion, so here goes: What about if Vegetto was in 1.3 as a seperated character like Buu, Goku etc. Start PL should be about 1.000.000 Transform PL to SSJ Vegetto should be about 2.500.000 Attacks: (I'll post the attacks when I've seen the episodes again.) The health should...
  11. -Blaze-

    Project: Vegetto

    Since ESF wont have movie chars such as Gogeta or Brolly, why don't we make a Project: Vegetto? Vegetto would be one and only superior character in the game.I bet lots of people would like to see Vegetto in the game wouldn't they? Here's the info: Normal Vegetto: PL: 3.000.000 ( you...
  12. Mirai_no_Trunks

    Vegetto All right !

    This is my latest model Vegetto both forms all right.I followed the way to make him realistic, cool,clean and like in the show.enjoy ! XD ^_^ AND SSJ
  13. P

    goku ssj4 vegetto

    how can i be ssj4 and vegetto in evm
  14. U

    ssj2 Vegetto vs SSJ3 babi

    who's gonna win?
  15. VeGeTTo

    VeGeTTo :((

    can some-1 pls make me a sig mine sux with one of these pix
  16. -Blaze-

    question for Super Vegetto

    Hi Super Vegetto, i wanted to ask, is there a link to zeq2 site that works, coz in esf-w site is dead and i clicked your sig, but it says.''MODERATORS CAN GO ONLY.'' or do you know when site in esf-w is open?
  17. Super Veggeto

    Vegetto WIP

    ill try to finish him up asap cause im kinda short in time latly, but i am planning on finishing him. =]
  18. D

    vegetto vs super buu (mv)

    and please dont download it if youre not planing to post a comment... ;/ (take's 50+ min's to upload :( ) :)
  19. Mccdbz5

    An Operation Vegetto

    You know how there's an operation Tien and there might be an operation Gotenks, well what about an operation Vegetto, he has lots of unique attacks, and could be real fun. Here's Vegetto's attacks and stuff: Normal form: 4: Kamehamaha Transformation 1, Super Vegetto: (can not do buddy system...
  20. VeGeTTo


    can someone help me when i connect 2 a server a normal server (DUDE this server is restricted tu local clients (class C ) help PLS. ??