1. Hawkman

    Ginyu Force and USSJ Trunks

    After i checked this: I have 2 questions.(I know that this list might be a little old) 1)Why is Captain Ginyu at the bottom? I thought that this dude is the strongest of them all. He is the captain after all...
  2. EvolutionX

    Vegeta USSJ!

    Can someone make this Vegeta Model from Davidskiwan ussj? Here is download link!
  3. claudiu1234

    USSJ Trunks

    Hi guys.Who can tell me were i can find this model.I found it on esf-world gallery and a like to have it.
  4. G

    Ussj trunks!

    Yeah, here is the new Trunks I said I'd be busy with. This trunks will be a release I think, (I need an aprooval first, but I don't think it will be any kind of problem). Now a few issues: Hair is only colored Pupils will be removed for Ussj finish The gloves are not skinned Anyway...
  5. S

    A few ideas on USSJ, Trunks, and SSJ3.

    I know this has been talked about and I like the USSJ being a power up were you use it to increase power at the cost of speed. However I would like to add that all Sayia-jins should be able to go USSJ. In the show (manga) they all could, it just happened that Trunks used it to the fullest...
  6. P


    cell is a big fat lier i mean he told trunks that vegeta was no match for him and trunks thought that too but really vegeta knew his limits and if he wanted to pump up his muscles as trunks did he could have but the muscles would slow him up and he would've moved like a turtle and heres the...
  7. D

    USSJ Trunks Model

    Does anybody have the USSJ Model of Trunks when he wears the blue saiyanwarrior suit
  8. N

    Trunks: Was Ussj the end?

    As far as im concerned trunks only accended to ussj BUT in the budokai 3 game he reaches ssj 2, i have noted the lack of ussj in the game. Gohan was the first ssj2 right? and cell stubbed out a huge *** on trunks thus no chance to accend to the next level. Can someone shine some light on my...
  9. ~Dark Trunks~

    ussj 2/ powerpump idea!!! sorta need some replies =)

    iight everyone knos about the debate over whether there are 2 forms between ssj and ssj2. some say there are 2 and some say there are one. i think 2 cus goku showed both in the time chamber but grega thinks it was jus pumping up his muscles but wutever. anyway since trunks is really the only...
  10. wheres_

    Ussj, ussj2 wah?

    On these forums there have been 2 rather pointless peices of contreversy surrounding some of the happenings in 'dragonball z' they being: The levels of super saiya-jin before ssj2 and if vegeta was in fact ssj2 before the majin saga. Well in this thread im going to try and rub out the first...
  11. Shao

    USSJ Suggestion

    Make USSJ slower than SSJ. This has already been taken into account, right? O_o
  12. broli

    USSJ Brolly

    The legendary super sayajin
  13. G

    ussj like the the books?

    do you think that the ussj, should be slower/much more powerful, or maybe only hit strong attacks in adv. melee? tell me what you think
  14. S

    Super USSJ Trunks Wip

    this is the trunks of the day!
  15. S

    USSJ Trunks WIP

    This is my 1st trunks and i can't find many refs. to be patiant :P
  16. R

    A few ideas USSJ And SSJ2 - What do you think?

    Alright... here goes I was really bored in World History today so I started to day dream about things that could be implemented into ESF in 1.3 and on. 1) USSJ Transformation - I was thinking about instead of adding SSJ2, USSJ should be added first. (Or maybe both, but that would be more...
  17. ZuL

    Guide me to the completion of my USSJ Broli...

    Now, here are two fairly recent pictures of the Broli so far, smooth and celshaded renders. I'm both in need of good crits and a GOOD DRAWOVER for the arms, both front and back. I've seen plenty of...
  18. A

    1.3 trans, USSJ

    ill keep it short and sweet.. how bout being able to go USSJ before SSJ2? it could easily be translated into other forms for other non-saiyan chars, but neways.. since this is strictly a DBZ mod, no SSJ4-5/Golden Oozaru and all that, i think that USSJ should be a part of transformations because...
  19. M

    (RESKIN)The USSJ Vegeta model...

    (edit: errrmmm... just to make sure! lol my skin edit is in the right side yall) not premission=not releasing, I know that... waiting for it for now... as we speak(chat, post,... whatever......) my stuffs is [email protected] msn 159045725 ICQ what do you think? this skin is better...
  20. D

    lssj ussj assj

    well i have seen the terms ussj lssj assj fro brolly vegeta and trunks....ne1 care to break those down and tell me what they mean?