1. MinioN

    Tabula Rasa and Ultima IX

    Anyone know Tabula Rasa and Ultima IX?I get yahoo massage for them.Are they released.They are good as i see.Really cool games::cool:
  2. scope

    Ultima Keyblade

    Ok, so i started this just like an hour ago. This is what i have so far: Crits are welcome. If you don't know what it is, this is the ultima keyblade for Kingdom Hearts. I didn't smooth it out yet and its just the handle atm. I made this is 3ds max 8. I am hoping that it'll turn out...
  3. M

    Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn

    Well, EA Mythic is making an expansion pack to a 9 year old game: Source: http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/ultima-online-kingdom-reborn/ Discuss!
  4. @lv/n

    Ultima Online haters... WELCOME!!!!

    Ultima Online SUCKS!!!!! the worst RPG ever... Who's with me? it's boring and it gives me a hedhache when a go to a lan-house and have to watch ppl play Ultima whole i'm dead in CS... it's just STUPID!!!!!! a 2d graphial game with no interest at all... I ask my friens: "Why do you still play...
  5. A

    I just got 3ds Max 5.1 and I need help

    Alright, how do I open the .mdl model files with this? I have tried Milk whatever and Gmax but nothing will open the .mdl files.
  6. U


  7. TehMuffinMan

    |||| the ultima sword |||||

    well, ive seen people wanting somthing for a trans for the cloud model me and lord darkstryphe did a bit back, so latly, ive worked on my next model, the ultima sword, the sword model itself is really good, pretty accurate, the skin dosnt do it justace, makes it look 2D style, but trust me, its...
  8. Logan4434

    ninja WIP

    look at this...my first "from scratch" model.not for esf but another mod i work on lol forgot the name atm.but here ya go.crits plz.
  9. U

    A new trunks

    does any one no huus trunks is this i was hoping some one of u had it O_o
  10. I

    Lightning effects for MDL's

    Since ive gained more control over my textures for MDL's and have been doing it for a while im now working on adding extra effects to models for ESF, i have no problem adding extra pieces such as animating/bone structure for the SsJ3 which look cool in my oppinion :rolleyes: im making an...
  11. N

    Referance Pics

    I need some ref pics of super buu (the one after evil buu asorbs good buu) here is a list of pics that can help alot -Side View Standing up -Front View Standing up When im done with it im gonna have trusted people animate it, skin it and bone it. p.s. Hey metr0-tek this is...
  12. R

    ssj 3 goku

    hiho, can someone help me plz i cant find super sayan 3 goku for esf and i like goku :( plz help me i already visted many sites but stil they are difference plz thanxS
  13. Stanz

    DMZ maps?

    I know most of you here probobly think DragonMod Z SUCKS now you have played this mod, i think the same. But i had played that mod before i found esforces and realised how cool it was. But i did notice that they did have some quite good maps, the one where planet namek was falling apart was a...
  14. B

    Model Pack here (not by me)

    I Have made a model pack AND I HAVE NOT MADE THE models There is problay everything you can think off except of a Frieza model and a Krillin model (I think) :devgrin: I Have found some credits and it goes to : AZN Dragon, Majin Gotenks ESF team members, SS_Vegeta, Mastersurf,D.C...
  15. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Goku ssj3?

    Where can i find a real awesome goku ssj3 model?
  16. Bryggz

    Gotenks ssj3 hair, which is better

    ok guys i made 2 versions of gotenks ssj3 hair, now i just need to know which has more potential, version one may look cool, but its rather dirty (not a closed mesh) and its not exactly true to the show. while version two has potential to be badass, but something doesnt seem right about it...
  17. M

    does anyone have a vegetto model with ssj

    and does anyone have a model with normal vegetto and ssj vegetto?
  18. D

    Link Fixed

    The link works just remove the dot at the end of the link for the slow minded http://www.ultimatemonkeyzone.com/Index.html Whoops, wrong button should be a reply to A Mystic Gohan? Sorry O_o
  19. S

    A Mystic Gohan????

    Ok u guys know where to find a good mystic gohan (not wounded) ?please reply ive been searching for one a long time now!
  20. Madd Dog

    Need Some Hurcule Picts

    Well i guess the topic says it all so yeah i need some pictures of hurcule for my new sig that is currently in progress. Any pictures if hurcule will do but preferably i need one doing a pose and one relexed. Any help will be apreated thoe.