1. DJ-Ready


    So yeah .. I figured it would be a good idea to write a guide about how to choose an dumb nuub nickname for forums or games or w/e so you can show the rest of the world what an unoriginal retard you are. First of all, its pretty simple. After years or research(!) I came up with the perfect...
  2. J

    UBER NEWB QUESTION - how do u get pl ?

    I just downloaded esf and dont know much so how do u get pl so u can go super saiyan
  3. Mr. Phonso

    Uber low polyness - Mario

    Itsa me, Mario! lets see how this goes
  4. Enix

    Shadow [uber lowpoly]

    Made this for the mini contest over at cgchat: Took about 4 hours total, was really fun.
  5. KidMan

    Uber Combos?

    Ok so why can't anyone on these boards discuss about the secret combos that are uber good? Im really confused about that. Why keep them secret if they are apart of the game?
  6. |Overlord|

    Uber Mapper Help

    I was just wondering , how exactly create a point entity , sorry it it's sounds n00bish , but we were all once n00bs at something
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Help Uber Slow Steam

    Yo, my steams ben working fine but all of a sudden its uber uber slow. I was playing esf and my ping was always liek 500-2000. I thoguht maybe it was just esf, but it was the same in dod. Anyone got a hint as to what could be wrong.
  8. A

    OMGWTFBBQ What did j00 get for teh uber holidayz

    Made a what did you get for the holday's thread cuz I dun want my thread wipped o/ So what did you get for Christmas / Hanukah Etc..
  9. T

    Uber lag help

    ok, i know people say steam sucks, and i know dial up sucks too, and yea ill have ping in the 300-400 range but..i used to play a while back, and had to quit, and after re0installing everything so i can play online again, i join a server and my ping doesnt go under 3k..and i know dial up sucks...
  10. A

    Uber ugly Tien W.I.P >_>

  11. Damaera

    Uber ugly Tien W.I.P >_>

  12. S

    uber bots ??

    i was recently playing on this server that had a bot playing as buu that had 300+ kills and not nearly as many deaths. all melee attacks on it would be dodged and when it attacked with melee, the screen would flood with arrows. does anyone know where i can get this bot????? :D
  13. Nuttzy

    uber spyware problems >_<

    now this is getting insane, i run ad aware it says it removed everything, however after restarting i still have 2 extra programs in the taskmanager and in the startup thing, if i close them, more appear, if i remove them from the startup when i open up IE it puts em back wheni open IE it sets...
  14. h4v0c

    uber funny

    i laughed my ass off when i watched this lol : http://www.hahahumor.com/flash-animations/dragonball-parody.htm
  15. suicidal_maniac

    Uber Game o/

    http://mirrored.flabber.nl/bloody.pingu/bloody.pingu.swf Post your best scores. Mine so far is 1105.6
  16. J

    Server for uber players

    Is there any server where all uber players could go to fight? Cos when some uber player joins in public game in that instant the game isn't fun any more. Reason? The player is so good that no one can't hurt him and he just zooms all over the map killing everyone in sight. :cry:
  17. GhostfaceKillah

    Arthas... round 2

    Blended the pic better, some other small changes... better? http://www.deviantart.com/view/2609195
  18. G

    Scary Freaky Wallpaper

    I was bored and I started this freaky wallpaper. ^_^
  19. imported_Da_G

    fusion model

    i was on vacation and now im back and i wanna know what happend with it is it downloadable is it under construction or .....
  20. Shinkawa

    What happened to that uber 17 model???

    THere was this skinning contest where Zereth made a cool skin for a 17 model which i forgot the modellers name ;/ , did this model ever get released ?