1. M

    Windows XP Tweaking

    I was wondering if anyone knows any good guides or sites that explain how to tweak Windows XP to get more out of it.
  2. KidMan

    Tweaking with sound

    Is there a way to tweak your sound card or the bios or the programs that a sound card comes with, to make things even better? You can do that with a video card and I thought you might be able to do that with a sound card as well.
  3. T

    Tweaking spirit bomb suggestion

    I thought of an idea of distinguishing the left click and right click moves of the spirit bomb. I remember seeing in another thread that someone suggested that when you use the spirit bomb, you cannot move, and you can control the direction it goes , and pump more power into it if you need...
  4. B

    Tweaking ESF for better FPS

    ok im currently tweaking the graphics to make fps higher, yes that means making them worse. My problem is although I achiieve 30+ more fps, in advanced melee the arrows are all blury. What half-life command controls the visual quality of the arrows in advanced melee?
  5. Rock Lee

    Tweaking Windows XP

    HOW TO - TWEAK XP How To Tweak XP For Maximum Performance Before we start going through the tips & tweaks I've picked up over time let me warn you that some of them involve modifying the registry. Always backup your registry before modifying it. You can do this by going to Run & typing...
  6. jp

    Doom3 tweaking

    You people maybe did see it allready, or tried it, but i'm gonna post it anyway. I notice in doom3, when you are playing, and you open a door, it stutters. That can be nasty, becouse the framerate drops from 50 / 60 to 2, and 1 seconds later its good again, but i find it anoying. To gain...
  7. J

    Tweaking Windows XP

    This is a dumb question, but I was wondering if perhaps anyone could tell me the start button icon filename. So I can edit it with resbuilder, and also I was wondering if anyone knew any other alternatives to change the startbars colors. Besides silver or blue, without Resbuilder. Everytime I do...
  8. M


    I need a program which is totally dedicated to animating cause lets say I do an animation in milkshape... and after I check it out I think I want to make it twice longer... I cant just double the whole thing(or can I?) so I need to make it all over again :( , with max framesX2... boooring...
  9. J

    tweaking smo and azn's models = ban

    ok i mean absolutely no disrespect at all, i want you to understand that, but just as an example, if i, or any newbie modeler asked people not to edit our models and they did, would you ban them?
  10. Almighty_Gir

    tweaking smo and azn's models = ban

    ok i mean absolutely no disrespect at all, i want you to understand that, but just as an example, if i, or any newbie modeler asked people not to edit our models and they did, would you ban them?
  11. DarktoothDKD

    Tweaking Smo and Azn models = Ban

    Do NOT modify or alter Mr. Smo or Azn's models and post them online. Avoid posting Pictures and Links to your Edits from these creators. Do not take pieces of their work and put it on something you have made. This is disrespecting their request and that it shows that you can not follow...
  12. Sicron

    Tweaking in Renzuko attack Vegeta (maybe of other players to)

    well u know now, that u just see a ball with a trail, but i think it would be alot cool if u would see much tiny beams shooting from vegetas palm of his hand more tinier then the generic beam: ------------------------------>>>> ------------------------------>>>> (Generic Beam)...
  13. F

    its about the whole tweaking for better performance

    well ok i get the whole tweaking thing... its just. where do i put it. they say its in the autoexec.cfg but i cant get to that. it wants to open in from the internet??? confusing can anyone help?
  14. M

    Lior's Spirit Bomb REDIT and final Tweaking request!

    I saw not long ago Lior's Gogeta's Spirit Bomb and it was H - O - T! So just to tweak it abit I animated it in 2 ways! heres the PICS: {they have been converted to JPGes so dont worry bout it nymore} DL link <a...
  15. S

    Character tweaking

    Frieza: I have various ideas for Frieza. Here goes. Fingerlaser suggestion: To give primary some use, make it so it cuts current opponents health in half. Ie, if they're at 100, it gets cut to 50. If 50, gets cut to 25. 25 gets cut to 13 (rounded up). If 160, gets cut to 80, and so on...
  16. sexyasian86

    Mega Man X/Rush Armor

    here it is. ^_^<--click here if u cant see picture. i got bored? not really. for a mod i'm working for. then i made it for esf. ^___^ replaces gohan wh00t. [, gonna get started on the rush armor for your...
  17. H

    Frieza without armor!

    K this is my first edit ever so it sux...I know it still has a lot to work on but oh well here's a screenie of what I've done so far... Ohh yeah, all the credit goes to the ESF team for making frieza form 1 and 2(sorry, don't know name of original modelers:rolleyes: ):p
  18. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Improoved young gohan

    Well , i have improoved the gohan , that he looks more like the episodes. And please on topic talk only or this tread will be closed! :cry: Credit tO: Real modeler of gohan - body Real modeler of trunks - sword Heres the differemce The old one: And the new one : A...
  19. G

    Ned's Vegito Model

    This can be spam and i'd like this to be Q&A CLOSED but i wanna know: What's the deal on the Ned Art Vegito model?? You can't download it anywhere, but its soooooo great. Don't flame me i want awsers only not flames telling me i'm stupid for asking.
  20. G

    some wallpaper

    nothing special tryed to make a some sort of fire wall where deatscythe is flying through need some comments sorry if its just a plain and simpel wall