1. sub

    Operation Tien?

    This is dead, right? How far along did this get before dying?
  2. T

    Tien Model

    Hi, i've been working for some time on this model. But i've run into a little problem. I mirrored one half of the model, but now that it's finished i can't seem to get them welded. No matter what i try it doesn't work. I tried grouping them, making copies, instances... nothing works. Am I...
  3. Andy011

    Op. Tien is looking for volunteer animators

    OK so here's the deal: Operation Tien, known by many, I'm sure, had the purpose of implementing Tien in ESF 1.3. It all started nicely, sprites were being done and the anims were on a roll. But then, people started quitting. Now, I am the only one left and I request assistance at the...
  4. wheres_


    For all those that don't check the operation tien thread. Model by Clipseh btw.
  5. Z

    tien model....

    can u guys tell me the % on the tien project? like not just the model... the sounds the animations and everything what % is complete?
  6. LionHeart

    my tien model

    it isn't finished yet , so i want on it crits and sugestions :D ,oh and how do u find out how many polys does he got when using milkshape?
  7. Z

    is this the tien for 1.3?

    http://img207.echo.cx/img207/7861/esftienrig3vk.jpg i found this on google and just wondering if any has this model? is it for 1.3? or is it just a replacement for 1 of the characters of the game? it looks good tho i wanna replace my krillin with this 1
  8. Z


    http://img412.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tienfrontub4.jpg http://img351.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tiensidemg1.jpg http://img301.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tienbackbc6.jpg
  9. kenny-DK

    Tien and Gotenks?

    Will Tien be in v1.3? If they finhis him... and Gotenks to? o_o
  10. donnierisk

    Operation Tien suggestions.

    Well since Operation Tien is revived I think that it would be useful posting a suggestion thread for it, so all of you guys that have any ideas on how to improve or add anything for Tien just post, okay well here's mine so far: Attacks: Solar Flare Tri-beam Charge first...
  11. Ravendust

    Community Project: Operation Tien

    (credits to Eclipse, Teknik and Wheres) It seems people are once again willing to animate 1.3's Tien, but the old thread is redundant by now so I made a new one. Here is a list of (1.2) anims for him, obviously Darktooth has both team status and moderator status, so he can edit this list to...
  12. donnierisk

    What happened to Tien?!?! :(

    I'm sorry, but I really just want to know, what happened to operation tien, or whatever? I saw the lst post, but why did they die out? they had a model if I remember correctly, just not animations I think, can't someone please make a Tien for 1.3? :(
  13. JTR

    Tien [WIP]

    Started 3-4 hours ago.. Only face to go :) As some may have noticed I often make the same models as Growler.. Just a week after or so.. To be honest Growler is my inspiration... Weve been here almost just as long (I read a lot here.. Just rarely post).. Or started modelling just about the same...
  14. Growler

    BTL - Tien

    Started about 3 hours ago - Heavy WIP
  15. M

    BTL Tien

    here's a new model by the low-poly n00b,me =p.i'm gonna try to map this model,wish me luck ;) .
  16. Y

    Adding Yamcha and Tien

    I think that there shulod be Yamcha and Tien :) Yamcha is cool , been twice at King Kai's and probably on same level as Tien ... Tien is cool also ,but somehow looks *** with Chaozu always around ^^ Not Tien or Yamcha but Yamcha and Tien :) So?
  17. M

    Tien SDK.

    Here's my second SDK,this time it's Tien/Tenshinhan.I hope someone will skin this model,so nuttzy can release it for esf(if he wants to).Here's a pic of the model. and here's the download link. http://rapidshare.de/files/5207141/Tien_SDK.zip.html
  18. T

    High poly Tien head

    I always wanted to pick up modelling. I fiddled around on milkshape a while back, but for the last 3 days i have been doing the same with 3d studio max and I have finally got something that is reasonable to show. I've already read up a lot on modelling, but i still think i'm lacking knowledge...
  19. ~*Logan*~

    Thats Tien. he has Three Eyes.

    Kid: ...But can he see why kids like Cinnimon Toast Crunch? Tien: Have they been blessed with enlightenment? Kid: Nice try, tri-eye. There's cinnamony swirls in every bite. A delicious part of this balance breakfast. Tien: Ah I see! Now I can go face the Saiyans! Kid: Cinnamon Toast...
  20. JTR


    Well.. Needed a bit of practice so I thought I would start a Tien.. First DBZ Character :D Credit to Davidskiwan for ref... Ill redo the hands.. My custom hands doesn't really fit for him... Fatter fingers and stuff... Well.. Pants are still WIP.. Need to model more folds... Polycount...