1. Deathshot

    Street Fighter x Tekken

    This game just keeps getting better and better. The Final Fight crew show up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzwFROJKyRI I literally can't stop watching this trailer...
  2. Deathshot

    Tekken: Blood Vengence

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPT_qqJ12s4&feature=player_embedded Finally we get a CG Movie after so long since the last good one. Advent Children being the last good one I know of.
  3. A

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  4. Painkiller

    Tekken 2010 Movie

    Tekken teh movie. I've played 2 of the games, I know they're epic. Comments on the movie :) Here's teh trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st6dHmDSkhY
  5. phrack50

    Street Fighter vs Tekken! OMG YES!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6U7jZ-qMfI&feature=related Check out da video, looks like a pretty sweeeet union! I can't wait!! :) The 2 greatest fighting games of all time!
  6. Deathshot

    Tekken 7

    Tekken 7 has been announced it seems. Hopefully it will be better then that piece of **** 6. http://www.vg247.com/2010/05/27/report-tekken-7-announced-in-madrid/
  7. Deathshot

    Tekken: The Motion Picture

    I am hoping it is going to be as it looks by the cover... Atleast they didn't make Jin an American with spiked hair and name him Gok... They chose some pretty accurate looking people for it atleast.
  8. M

    Tekken 6 - Xbox 360

    The Playstation has been raped. http://japhei.blogspot.com/2008/10/tekken-6-bloodline-rebellion-receiving.html
  9. M

    Tekken VI

    I hope this isn't going to be Tekken 5 with more characters, I hope the fighting system becomes more realistic and smooth. http://www.tekken-official.jp/tk6ac/index.html And please watch the trailer.
  10. D

    looking for jin and kazuya ending movies from tekken 4

    (if you asking) i wont buy this game for two "phathetic" ending movies....
  11. R

    Tekken 5 siggeh please.

    Ok, reds browns and blacks (whatever works best with the stock) My name "Ruger" and "Deus Ex Machina" in their too. A matching Avy would be cool as well, below is a link to the only stock I can find of this guy, his name is Jinpachi, and he looks like a freakin beast...
  12. D

    tekken 5

    i need to know something i'm trying to get devil jin and i think i already won in 200 battles but every 10-15 battles i saved the game and turn off the ps2 is it ok to do that? i also unlocked all the charcters
  13. I

    Tekken 5

    http://ps2.gamespy.com/playstation-2/tekken-5/588618p1.html?fromint=1 *sniff* Simply amazing... All I know is I'm gonna be sprinting to Gamestop and see if I can pre-order that Special-Edition pack with that full-sized Hori arcade stick >.<
  14. Soulicro


    Just saw the movie. I really liked it, except I had a bunch of problems with it: First off, I wanted to see King and Paul fight as well. I know you saw them, but come on, how could they not show them fight?! Theyre ****ing awesome! Second, I didnt really like the fight scenes. I dont know...
  15. Soulicro

    Tekken: Queen of Iron Breasts

    :P Critz are cool. Havent fired up PS in a while, catching back up. Original pic of the lady from the tekken official website - brushing was added on by me.
  16. Synth

    Favorite Tekken Character/Tekken 5

    This is your typical Fighting Game enthusiast thread, and I think you already know my answer to that poll. :] With Hwoarang, I believe you can incorporate the most devastating and constant combos, keeping your opponent a good distance away at the same time. When it comes down to it, I'd put...
  17. Soulicro


    I dunno, I felt like there should be a thread about it. Id understand if this was closed, so... yeah. Anywho, I bought Tekken 4 (again, for the 3rd time, because I missed it.) two nights ago and (again) I am addicted. Its just so awesome... bah. Cant wait for Tekken 5, I wonder what characters...
  18. T

    Tekken 4 vs Soul Calibur 2

    So, which do you like more ?
  19. Sonic the Vampire

    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    I'm starting this thread over. Sorry to inconveniance anyone who had a conversation going or a model request unanswered as of yet but the thread was just too long. Feel free to re-post old requests if you need to. Same rules apply; all model/skin requests go into this thread, nowhere else...
  20. Naz

    Pro: LotT

    Heavily inspired by Lord of the Trance - Tiësto crits comments etc are welcome grtz Naz edit: color is yet to be defined